Some Good News About Kay Hagan-D, NC

7In case you are too busy to read the whole article here is the take away: Kay Hagan is leading by a sustained 2% margin. This is not a flash +2, which changes from day to day based on newsworthiness and demographics within North Carolina-this is a sustained +2 from registered voters in North Carolina, who report that they are likely to vote in the general election.

If you are a North Carolina Democrat, here is some really good news that should start your week out right. Kay Hagan, the 60 year old North Carolina Democratic Sen. from Shelby has a sustained lead over would be Republican primary nominee Thom Tillis with a +2.

Recent political advertisements coupled with the more resilient and assertive Kay Hagan, has not only put her over the top in flash polls but according to the website election projection, she is that a sustained +2. So what does all this mean?

Well, for one thing it means that North Carolina voters are not necessarily buying into the Republican demagoguery purported by such political action committees as Americans for prosperity and Karl Rove’s American crossroads. The North Carolina tea party and their associated Republican counterparts have made considerable effort to label Kay Hagan as they spend and tax Democrat. But more than anything else, they have tried to pin her to the president’s affordable care act. Knowing that currently 54% of North Carolina voters do not like the health insurance plan.

Over the last month, Hagan has become more forceful in her partisan rhetoric not only relating to health care but also on education, taxing the 1%, foreign affairs and veteran rights. One of the things that is beginning to give me hope is that Hagan seems to have taken anymore asserted interest in the decision-making process within her own campaign. Sources close to her campaign are now saying that she is no longer passive with her handlers. And she is much more apt to ask questions and lead the role in the decision-making process.

Overall North Carolina voters report that they are less enthusiastic about party affiliation and more concerned about a candidate’s ability to be able to create jobs within the state. In North Carolina as well is nationally it’s about jobs, jobs, jobs! Recently it was reported that North Carolina had the highest unemployment rate in the country, sustained over a 12 month average. This directly goes against what the North Carolina Republicans have been saying since 2011. Republicans want voters to believe that GOP economic policy, coupled with the tax decreases for the wealthiest North Carolinians have made the unemployment numbers go down. Statistics have shown that over the last 12 months that has not been the case.

Not only does North Carolina suffer the highest unemployment rate, but over 500,000 of our most needy are disenfranchised within the healthcare system for political reasons. Specifically, the lack of expansion of Medicaid has already cost North Carolina hundreds of millions of dollars-and it is projected that it will cost North Carolina over $4 billion over the next 10 years.

A plausible strategy, if utilized within the Hagan campaign, would be to embrace the affordable care act as an economic advantage in North Carolina-thus creating jobs, sustaining the infrastructure of our rural health clinics in bringing immediate cash flow to economically depressed areas that typically go unnoticed.

Here’s some news you’re not likely to see in your morning paper– for Tuesday April 8, 2014

12Here’s a story from Tennessee, it seems the North Carolina budget director could take a good look at what Tennessee is going to help out with the high cost of tuition.  The Gov. of Tennessee has laid out a plan that in all likelihood will pass.  The Tennessee legislature in allowing all high school graduates to go to a two-year community college for free.


13Since you’re reading this post on a computer you may like this article. Have you ever downloaded a trial version or free software, and then found that it contained.  What is called adaware?  Microsoft has laid out a plan that will block all adware that is not easily uninstallable.  This means that to get rid of pesky annoying ads and browser hijacking, you no longer will need to do a system restore.


14Everybody has her own interpretation of Al Sharpton, some people like and some people don’t.  Sharpton even has a connection to the North Carolina Democratic Party—I’m wondering if anyone actually reads down this far and if they do are wondering what that connection might happen to be?  But I digress, it is interesting To read however that Al Sharpton was once an FBI informant, gathering information and putting away Mobsters.  Hmm, aren’t ya just a little curious as to what that Sharpton/NCDP connection might be?


Here’s an article that you will more than likely see around progressive and liberal websites, but in all likelihood, you’re not going to see it on the front page of your local newspaper.  It seems that of all the Fox news, commentary and analysis on weather and climate, only 28% of it turns out to be accurate.  Which in my opinion is about 27% more accurate than their bogus reporting of Obama.


15You remember the Westboro Baptist Church don’t you?  Well here’s a great little article that will warm your heart.  It seems that the Westboro Baptist Church was going to protest outside of an elementary school.  That was still housing children because of a tornado disaster from 2013.  Local residents got wind of the Westboro Baptist Church had intended to protest, so they banded together and hundreds of local citizens chased protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church out of town.  They literally chased the Westboro Baptist Church out of town.  I love this story.

How many people think using social media is not very relevant?  Well, I would beg to differ and apparently so would Chili’s restaurant.  The restaurant chain canceled a fund-raising event that links autism to vaccinations.  Some social media networks got wind of this and began to protest Chili’s restaurant.  If nothing else, this is a great example that  social media not only can create social activism, but in all likelihood, it may be able to sustain a political movement.

16How many of you think lawyers you crazy?  I happen to know a lot of lawyers and I can attest to the fact that some of them are definitely  a couple of bricks shy of a full load.  But in the United Kingdom they are called banisters, and they have to take a law exam just like here in the United States.  Sometimes banisters trainees don’t want to take  the law exam, so they make up stories to get out of it.  This one particular female lawyer made up a story that she was raped nine times, and this put  her boyfriend behind bars on at least one occasion.  For 30 days.  Apparently this lawyer trainee is now going to find out what it’s like to be on the other side of the legal system, she’s been charged with 11 counts of false accusations.  Initially I should just leave it at that, otherwise I will  be called a misogynist for criticizing a female.  Kiss kiss

And our final story… where is Dennis Rodman when you need him.  It seems that the North Korean government did not like a security Minister.  So they sentenced him to be executed–with a flamethrower.  Politicians in the United States have no idea how good they have it.

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Why Did A Former NC Democratic Governor Write A $1000 Check To An Extreme Tea Party GOP Candidate?

Raleigh—NC Welcome to North Carolina, the home of dysfunctional politics mixed with a hint of confusion.

10I’ve included Rep. Justin Burr’s voting record and campaign finance reports! 

 The title says it all, former North Carolina Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt is indeed writing campaign contribution checks to at least one right wing tea party Republican named Justin Burr. Mr. Burr represents House District 67 in the North Carolina General Assembly.1

Check this out—Justin Burr has Democratic competition.

Here’s what happened:

John Frank, with the News and Observer, originally broke the story that campaign finance reports show former Gov. Jim Hunt contributing $1000 to the Justin Burr for NC House committee. Here is a link to the original story: News and Observer, Raleigh NC

What is interesting about this story is that it was buried in the nosebleed section of the newspaper but it was easy enough to find for people who read the paper every day. And uncharacteristically odd of the News and Observer and all the other media outlets is that no one ever bothered to follow up with former Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt or Tea Party Republican Justin Burr to get his their side of the story.

Public records obtained from the North Carolina Board of elections show with 100% accuracy that Jim Hunt indeed, donated the money.

Justin Burr—For The Record:

Justin Burr’s Voting Record: In A Nutshell—It Sucks!

Justin Burr Get’s A Grade Of 0 (Zero) and Voted For The 20 Major Bills That Will Hurt NC Citizens!

**But, in case you don’t remember take a look at how he (Justin Burr) actually voted and do and do you think this is the kind of Tea Party Republican
who deserves to get a $1000 campaign donation from a 4 term Democratic Governor?**

Justin Burr voted to lay off about 4,000 teacher assistants, increases class size, freezes teacher pay, ends their tenure and extra pay for advanced degrees, diverts $10 million from public to private (including religious) schools through vouchers, and cuts 2,400 slots for pre-K programs. Voted to raises co-pays and cuts eligible doctor visits in half for Medicaid enrollees; cuts funds for minority economic development programs and distressed communities, for Prisoner Legal Services and for related services. Burr fails to invest savings from closing prisons in community treatment programs to reduce recidivism; it underfunds mental health programs; and more. House: Conference Report, second reading, 66-52. Senate: Conference Report, third reading, 32-17.
Cut Earned Income Tax Credit (H-82); Medicaid f or the poor (S-4). This law denies 500,000 poor NC families health-care insurance coverage under Obamacare, starting Jan. 2014; Cut unemployment (H-4);  Voted for voter ID, less early voting, no straight party ticket and voted against “Stand By Your Ad”;  Burr voted FOR fracking, against water clean up and coastal environmental protection.

2012 Provides the best amount of data to determine who and what has contributed to Justin Burr.  Interestingly, Duke Energy, Progress Energy and BB&T are among some of the top contributors:




Justin Burr News Feed


And, to top matters off, there seems to be a little excitement among some Dems with what Rep. Justin Burr did next. Justin Burr campaign financial records indicate that within less than a month, he turned around and contributed the exact same amount, $1000 to the committee to elect Susan Martin. Susan Martin is the North Carolina House Rep. for the eighth District of North Carolina. Interestingly, that is the same district in which former Gov. Hunt lives. And, check this out, she’s a Republican.

The above picture is Republican Rep. Susan Martin North Carolina House District 08.  Oh by the way, maybe she can take some of that $1000 that Justin Burr donated to her campaign and buy a map. Apparently she doesn’t realize that that sweet potato field she is standing in the middle of isn’t even in her district.

So if we were to connect the dots, and draw some semblance of a timeline, we would see that Gov. Jim Hunt wrote a check for one thousand dollars to Republican Justin Burr. Justin Burr then turned around and wrote a check for $1000 to the campaign of Republican House member Susan Martin. Meanwhile, I’m standing over here in the corner jumping up and down; wondering why is a former Democratic Gov. writing a tea party candidate a check.

At this point, I will say that some people have speculated that it (Hunt’s $1K donation)had to do with Justin Burr’s ability to keep Smart Start funded and pretty much off of the chopping block. Even John Frank thought that made sense when I told him about it. So maybe this is a payback. But, it all seems more than coincidental.

    What Would Have Happened If…?

Not too many people like “what if” scenarios and I can understand why. But this particular situation reeks of what I consider to be a double standard within the North Carolina Democratic Party and the top movers and shakers especially should be cognizant of this fact. The chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party Randy Voller took a trip to Las Vegas many months ago to raise money for North Carolina Democrats. The chairman was criticized excessively over that trip. Meanwhile not very long ago, after a very unfortunate mishap between a Democratic operative and a television reporter– which led to major miscommunications and half-truthsthe Chairman found it necessary to pledge $5000 of his own money to the North Carolina Democratic Party– as a sign of party unity and loyalty. Even that was questioned inappropriately and with malice I might add, by the same reporter, who apparently has trouble vetting sources for stories– when she threw out an already beat-to-death issue  of the chairman’s internal revenue situation.

So, what would have happened within the Democratic Party if Chairman Randy Voller had actually been the one to detonate $1000 to a tea party candidate? Many within the Democratic community are already calling for his resignation citing trumped up allegations and psudofacts.

Several weeks ago I reported on this blog and on the radio that attempts were being made to call for a vote of no confidence against the chairman. Now by some reports it seems that a complaint has been filed and levied with the Council of Review, by at least one Democratic leader. Sources within the North Carolina Democratic Party have confirmed to me that Chris Hardee third district Congressional chair, has actually been the one to file a grievance.

This is the same Chris Hardee that for quite some time has been ridiculed and labeled as a do nothing congressional chair, who doesn’t even live in the district. Secondly, this is the same Chris Hardee, Democratic chair of the third congressional district, who has had complaint after complaint levied against him for his flaccid handling of the third district, in his lackadaisical management style. Some complaints have even gone as far up the ladder as to reach the chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party himself. So I would actually –at this point –question the validity of any claim and wonder whether or not it was a form of payback in a vindictive means to get even against Randy Voller.

At the end of the day why does any of this matter? Because the Democratic Party can and should do better than this. This is the party that is supposed to be about the people, not about corporate sponsorship, not about the 1% and the tax breaks–and not about egotistic maniacs jockeying for power plays.

Ever since, the chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Randy Voller, made public his determination to build the party from the bottom up in a grassroots initiative (such as the Howard Dean model) to bring the party back to fruition– there have been people within the Democratic machine who have clamored to take the chairmanship away from Voller by most any means necessary.

And it is wrong. It is wrong especially when we have do nothing congressional chairs, who drop the ball election cycle after election cycle. It is wrong when we have former Democratic leaders who we do not hold accountable for making dumb decisions –while at the same time trying to take down elected Democratic leaders because the Democratic machine has a hidden agenda.

I am not for first person to blog about this; I don’t suspect I will be the last in some point. I think someone will ask the former Gov. to at least explain himself.

This is from NC Blue and it provides more links than I have enclosed.

—–Who is Jim Hunt raising money for again?

Submitted by WakeVerifiedVoting on Wed, 03/26/2014 – 11:59am

A Feb 01 Charlotte Observer story told us something we already knew – that Jim Hunt (and others) are forming SuperPACs to raise money to influence elections. He declined to elaborate on the group and exactly what they are doing even at the Sanford-Hunt-Frye fundraising dinner where he was a speaker.

That same weekend, the N&O’s John Frank reported that Hunt donated $1000 to Tea Party Republican Justin Burr during the 3rd quarter of 2013.

ONE MORE FUNDRAISING NUGGET: Former Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt gave state Rep. Justin Burr, a Republican budget writer, a $1,000 contribution Oct. 12, campaign finance reports show.

Burr’s campaign reports filed (scanned upside down) with the NC State Board of Elections shows that $1000 donation from Hunt to Burr (page 2 of contributions).

No one in the media appears to be interested in why former DEMOCRATIC Governor Jim Hunt would want to donate such a large amount of money to a Tea Party Republican legislator who isn’t even his representative.

Perhaps Frank got tired of reading the Burr report upside down, but he missed something very interesting that appeared later in the same Burr report – a $1000 donation made by Burr’s PAC on 11/22/13 to Rep. Susan Martin © on page 1 of disbursements. That was just days after his PAC made $250 donation to the NC GOP, and cut a check to the NC GOP House Caucus for $10,000.

In case you think it’s a mistake – it also appears on her report as a donation recorded on 12/02/2013.

Other Political Committee Contribution
1 Check $1000.00

Susan Martin is a GOP House member from the 8th District – the same district where Jim Hunt is registered to vote.

In case you missed that – Burr made a $10,000 donation to the NC GOP House Caucus, a $1000 donation to one individual House member Susan Martin, and $250 to the NC GOP.

Had Frank bothered to check Burr’s campaign finance reports, he’s see that while Burr’s PAC donated to the NC GOP and GOP House Caucus, it didn’t give any money to ANY other INDIVIDUAL candidate other than Martin.

I have to ask why Frank or others aren’t asking Hunt to explain his donation to Burr? Giving to Burr who then gave to Martin gives the appearance that Hunt “laundered” the money through Burr’s campaign when it was intended for Martin all along? Granted this was before the start of the filing period, and it may have been that Hunt didn’t know of any Democrats who would be running for the House in his district. But Jim Hunt isn’t just any old Democrat. He served 4 terms as Governor, in two different 8-year runs. He was the titular head of the NCDP, and is routinely trotted out as a Democratic figurehead to raise money and give us marching orders to help get Democrats elected.

Other than the Sanford-Hunt-Frye Dinner, I don’t really know how he’s involved in raising money for the Democratic Party or otherwise build the Party. He’s clearly involved in a SuperPAC supposedly raising millions to elect Democrats to the Legislature. But he won’t give us any details about it.

Perhaps that’s the reason why he’s fronting for this SuperPAC anyway – to disguise the fact that many big donors don’t want it known who they are donating to – and whose influence they are trying to buy? But if Hunt, his minions and the rest of the Democratic Party “establishment” (the 1%) expect to be taken seriously by rank and file grassroots Democrats (the 99%), they can’t be keeping this stuff hidden from us.

Remember – in 2008 the NCDP dispersed $7.7 million, candidates got $3.9 million (consultants got some of that), but consultants got $1.9 million. All of that information is available through various public records.

The hush-hush work done by Hunt and others for these SuperPACs and other 501©3/4 “leadership group” makes everything they do – such as moving the Hagan campaign over to the Wake County Democratic Party – look very suspicious! But Hunt’s donation to Burr and then Burr’s donation to Hunt’s State Representative look even more suspicious.

We deserve more and better from folks who want to lead us – even from the past!


If anyone feels this blog post is inaccurate in any way—I encourage you to contact me and provide sound argument. I would also encourage you to come on my radio show to discuss these issues and how it relates both to the Democratic Party and those we claim to represent.

Rep. Butterfield Comments on SCOTUS McCutcheon v. FEC—More Important than Citizen’s United!

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) today expressed grave concern over the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, which strikes down contribution limits for individual campaign donors by claiming that it restricts First Amendment rights.

Butterfield said, “The Supreme Court has ruled to drown out the voice of the common man in elections by, again, empowering those with vast monetary resources.  Since the Citizens United decision, the massive infusion of corporate financing has dramatically altered the electoral process, making it more difficult for the interests of everyday Americans to be heard.  This will occur more widely as a result of the McCutchen decision.

“Freedom of speech is one of the most important tenets of our Constitution; however, extending this right to corporations and eliminating limits on individual campaign contributions has the unintended effect of empowering the wealthy and special interest groups.

“This is a game changer, and a cruel April Fool’s joke.”

Butterfield is a cosponsor of H.R. 20, the Government By the People Act, which was introduced to address the imbalance in political influence since the Court tossed out corporate campaign spending bans in 2010.

“There’s no question that this a clear win for the Republican Party and their efforts to dismantle fair elections.”

Argument Broke Out Between Two CEOs Over Rigged Markets: Traders Stopped Trading on NYSE to Watch!


Several years ago I spoke about this on television; I asked why a gallon of gas was over $3.50 at the pump. The answer has more to do with hedge fund managers than it does with the oil and gas industry. Here’s why.

Hedge managers who need to boost earnings at the end of the quarter play a game called imaginary supply and demand. They buy and sell (sell short) to manipulate the price of an underlying commodity. So, for oil, as in this example, the price of a barrel can go from $95 to $150 dollars very quickly.

You also see them do this in the summer. Think about this: have you ever wondered why a hurricane can hit the Gulf and the price at the pump goes up almost overnight? Because of imaginary supply and demand. What really happens is that it would take about a month and a half to see a price increase at the pump from a natural disaster if the game was played fairly. Oil typically has to be pumped out of the ground, transported to a refinery and then distributed to various wholesalers as middle men. If the chain breaks, it take a while for the full effects to be felt all the way to the pump.

Wall Street, long ago, figured out a way around this by hyper inflating the price structure to make significant gains.

Now comes a different and more complex form of computerized trading called high-frequency trading. The way the markets are structured now, the average investor on Main Street can NOT ever have an advantage absent insider trading. The game is rigged. The prices of stocks are imaginary. Small investors will always have to buy high and sell low. Katsuyama calls out the big boys for what they are: crooks.