A Quarantined NJ Nurse Is Pissed Because She Can’t Get Instant Gratification From Politicians.

A nurse who returned from Sierra Leone potentially came into contact with the Ebola virus—when she got off the plane back in America, she was quarantined for safety.

Now, the nurse has come forward saying that her “human rights” have been violated because she’s still quarantined even though she’s tested negative twice for the virus.


Well, here’s the way I see it:

First, no one to my knowledge held a damn gun to the woman’s head making her go to a third world Ebola infected country.  She wanted to help and that’s admirable, but with her decision to go comes the responsibility of being held accountable. 

She has tested negative twice, but doctor’s are saying it can take a while, up to 21 days, for the virus to take over. 

She maintains that she’s fine and in good health.  So,  she thinks the government should let her walk out of the hospital and take her happy ass home.  Wrong.

She needs to stay where she is until it’s damn clear she doesn’t pose a contamination risk to the rest of the world. Period.

She’s pissed because she’s inconvenienced by being hospitalized and not free to go about her daily life.  Well, hot damn. She knew she was taking a chance when she went to  Sierra Leone, in the first place.

She takes Chris Christi to task for some public statements he’s made about her hospitalization but let’s be clear: just because she get’s airtime on CNN to bitch and moan about Christi doesn’t mean she has the same credibility or the same responsibility as the governor.

It’s obvious what would happen if they let her out and she then became infected and possibly contaminated others.  Who’s fault would that be? Hmm?

Meanwhile, Christi has the felt responsibility to keep the citizens in his state as safe as feasibly possible.

The bottom line is that the woman is inconvenienced.  She’s in a hospital; she not being water boarded at GITMO—she’s being care for in a medical facility.

Meanwhile, she is being paid for everyday she’s in that facility and the public’s safety is less compromised by having her there and not out and about in her community.

So, my comment to Kaci Hickox is shut the fuck up.  If I was in charge and if I thought you might be contaminated with a potential pandemic causing agent, your ass would still be sitting in Sierra Leone.  So, consider yourself lucky.

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NC Voters Beware: Daily Reflector Endorses Walter Jones But Fails To Disclose Their Financial Ties To Him.

Greenville, NC—Normally, I don’t get 7involved with who endorses a political candidate—it’s a free country, they can do as they wish.  But, a Greenville, NC newspaper, The Daily Reflector, came out with their endorsements over a week ago for local candidates—just in time for early voting.  On its face voters wouldn’t necessarily find a problem with a newspaper’s endorsement; it 8happens every election cycle.  But, there are a few questions all voters should ask themselves when they see editorials such as the one in the Daily Reflector: 1) does the paper or media outlet have a vested interest in seeing one candidate succeed over the other; 2) if they do, then what is that interest and can you follow a money trail. 

Media outlets are owned by corporations and all corporations have an interest in the outcomes of elections: period.

Many people believe that news organizations are liberally biased, but that’s really not the case.  Pew Research analyzed the collective reporting of major events and over one political cycle back in 2008-2010 and found that on major issues the media was swayed to the left  55% of the time.  But, in aggregate, (that is, taken into account all the reporting from day-to-day) on average,  media is conservative 58% of the time. 

I add this, not because it matters for political endorsements, but to dispel the notion that media sways far left—because, that isn’t the case. 

What is the case, is that voters should understand many times when media (like the Daily Reflector favoring Walter Jones over Marshall Adame in the NC 03) endorses a candidate, they have donated money to that candidate’s campaign. 

This is the case with the Daily Reflector.  Cooke Publishing, the company that owns the Reflector*, gives money to PACs that give money to Walter Jones.    There’s nothing illegal about it and it’s not necessarily dishonest.   But, the failure to disclose to their readers the financial vestment they have skews the information process.   Overall, that’s not in the best interest of anyone.

*On July 20, 2009, Cox Enterprises Inc. announced it has reached a definitive agreement to sell three of its North Carolina newspapers – the Rocky Mount Telegram, The Daily Reflector of Greenville and The Daily Advance of Elizabeth City – and ten weekly newspapers in Eastern North Carolina to Cooke Communications LLC, a privately held family company headed by John Kent Cooke. John Kent Cooke Jr. will move to the Greenville area to become president of Cooke Communications North Carolina and publisher of The Daily Reflector.

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Ebola is new but how you protect yourself is not

Raleigh, NC—National nurses unions have slammed the Presbyterian hospital in Dallas, 1Texas for not teaching healthcare workers how to adequately protect themselves against the Ebola virus.  But, what the unions are saying is not necessarily right.  Here’s why.

Ebola is relatively new and certainly new to the United States, but the way you contract the virus is not something healthcare workers are unfamiliar with. 

The virus is transmitted via body fluid.  That means you not only have to come into contact with the patient, but you have to get the patient’s fluid on your person in order to get infected.

This is exactly like the AIDS virus that has plagued the United States for over thirty years.  And, healthcare workers have become quite good at protecting themselves from that virus.

If Ebola is spread the same way AIDS is spread then healthcare workers don’t need to be in-serviced in the virus to remain safe.

Most hospitals, per OSHA regulations and JCAHO, mandate that healthcare workers who have the propensity to come into contact with patient fluids have to be retrained every year in PPE (personal protective equipment).

New employees of hospitals are trained during their orientation process before they are allowed to work at the facility.

I’m not sure the Dallas hospital did everything right.  In fact, I’m sure there were things that could have been handled better.  But, the fact that nurses became contaminated as a result of a lack of training is a reach. 

If the nurses had followed policy and procedure, they would not have been contaminated.   Period.  It doesn’t matter the name of the virus, PPE is performed the same way, each and every time.

The bigger problem is a lack of common sense.  The second nurse who has now contracted the Ebola virus was on a plane just one day before she was admitted to the hospital.

Was she completely asymptomatic? I doubt we’ll ever know. But, there needs to be some due diligence in public safety.  In other words, she shouldn’t have been able to get on the plane in the first place.  

The United Nations released a statement yesterday, ahead of the latest healthcare worker contamination, that stated if the virus isn’t abated within the next 60 days the likelihood of it spreading all over the world is severe. 

If we’re going to stop international travelers at the airport before they enter the United States, then we damn sure need to police our domestic flights and high risk passengers.

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Walter Jones (R-NC-03) Needs to Stop Pandering Votes Off The Backs of Dead Soldiers

87Greenville, NC—Walter Jones, twenty year incumbent, in North Carolina’s third congressional district, tweeted yesterday saying he is opposed to the Pentagon’s “new” plan to let illegal aliens serve in the US military. 

Well, hot damn, let the balloons go.  On its face, it sounds good but hold on a second. Walter should know this isn’t a “new” plan.  The military has been letting undocumented residents server for a long while now.  In fact, he knows, but he’s banking you don’t.  Or, banking you don’t care which is even worse.

The military is changing it’s tune now that America has drawn down forces in Iraq and elsewhere. 

I’m more upset with Walter’s lassitude with voters in the third congressional district. Does he think we’re stupid? Does he think we can’t read?

Let’s not forget Walter hides behind letters to the families of dead soldiers, getting on camera as often as possible taunting his mea culpa, as a reason to vote him back into office, yet another term.  It may sound harsh to Walter fans, but it’s true and somebody’s got to say it. 

Walter alleges the Bush administration lied to him and the rest of Congress over the Iraqi war and WMDs, troop deployments and whatnot.  But, let’s take a look at something Walter hopes you’ve long forgotten.

On Oct 8th of 2002, Walter Jones voted to extend and make permanent the unprecedented and, as it turned out, unlimited power of the Bush administration to engage the conflicts that have cost over a trillion dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives.

Walter retaliates by saying that all of Congress voted for the Iraqi war.  That’s not actually true.  There were many votes that lead down that path, but on Oct 8, 2002—136 House members from both sides of the isle voted NO on Iraq and unlimited power.

Were those 136 House members given a Magic 8 Ball that they shook to get the right answer? No. They had the same information Walter had and made a different decision.

Maybe it’s time for the voters of the third congressional district to make a different decision.   Twenty years is too long to be in Congress and the institution was NEVER intended to be handed down from father to son, like a family business.  Jones has done both.

Hell, some people in the third still think that they’re voting for Jones, Sr.  Well, they’re not.  And, sadly, there are Democrats in the NC-03 who for some strange reason think Walter Jones is still a Democrat.  Well, he’s not.  –I would go on to say, he’s not a Republican either, he just plays one on TV as the need arises.  When he feels the urge to get on camera and throw “I’m so sorry for your loss” letters.

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With 36 days left until the general election, the Republicans have a 60% chance of taking back the Senate

Raleigh, NC 

Some political strategist are beginning to voice opinions about the United States Senate outlook. Overall, the Republicans have a 60% chance of taking back the Senate. 

Some things are starting to take shape in some areas of the country.

Obama’s approval rating is up one point, to 43%. The job creation index went down two points, it is now at 30%.

Interestingly, according to Gallup– the happiness index is up the 18 percent to a whopping 61% total.

The number of people who say they were stressed out is down 6%. 


Overall nationally,United States House races have Democrats  43% and the Republicans are at 44%.   Over in Kentucky,Alison Grimes having one hell of a time with Mitch McConnell.  McConnell Republicanis at 51%while Al Alison Grimes is having a hard time holding onto her 44%.

Down here in the Tar Heel state, Kay Hagan still maintains a lead over Tom Tillis. She is at 44% while Tillis is at 41%.  All the polls have them within the margin of error.

Featured Charts

2014 National House Race

2014 National House Race

43% Democrat

44% Republican

Updated 1 hour ago Obama Job Approval

Obama Job Approval

42% Approve

53% Disapprove

2014 Arkansas Senate: Cotton vs. Pryor

2014 Arkansas Senate: Cotton vs. Pryor

47% Tom Cotton

44% Mark Pryor

2014 Colorado Senate: Gardner vs. Udall

2014 Colorado Senate: Gardner vs. Udall

46% Cory Gardner

45% Mark Udall

2014 Georgia Senate: Perdue vs. Nunn

2014 Georgia Senate: Perdue vs. Nunn

46% David Perdue

42% Michelle Nunn

Updated 1 day ago 2014 Iowa Senate: Ernst vs. Braley

2014 Iowa Senate: Ernst vs. Braley

45% Joni Ernst

44% Bruce Braley

2014 Kansas Senate

2014 Kansas Senate

42% Pat Roberts

41% Greg Orman

2014 Kentucky Senate: McConnell vs. Grimes

2014 Kentucky Senate: McConnell vs. Grimes

51% Mitch McConnell

44% Alison Lundergan Grimes

Updated 1 day ago 2014 Louisiana Senate: Cassidy vs. Landrieu

2014 Louisiana Senate: Cassidy vs. Landrieu

49% Bill Cassidy

45% Mary Landrieu

2014 Michigan Senate: Land vs. Peters

2014 Michigan Senate: Land vs. Peters

45% Gary Peters

40% Terri Lynn Land

Updated 1 day ago 2014 North Carolina Senate: Tillis vs. Hagan

2014 North Carolina Senate: Tillis vs. Hagan

44% Kay Hagan

41% Thom Tillis

2014 Colorado Governor: Beauprez vs. Hickenlooper

2014 Colorado Governor: Beauprez vs. Hickenlooper

48% John Hickenlooper

47% Bob Beauprez

2014 Florida Governor: Scott vs. Crist

2014 Florida Governor: Scott vs. Crist

43% Rick Scott

40% Charlie Crist

2014 Illinois Governor: Rauner vs. Quinn

2014 Illinois Governor: Rauner vs. Quinn

47% Bruce Rauner

44% Pat Quinn

2014 Maine Governor: LePage vs. Michaud vs. Cutler

2014 Maine Governor: LePage vs. Michaud vs. Cutler

40% Mike Michaud

39% Paul LePage

2014 Michigan Governor: Snyder vs. Schauer

2014 Michigan Governor: Snyder vs. Schauer

46% Rick Snyder

43% Mark Schauer

2014 Wisconsin Governor: Walker vs. Burke

2014 Wisconsin Governor: Walker vs. Burke

48% Scott Walker

46% Mary Burk

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Let’s just stop quoting the Founding Fathers, okay?

For the last several years I have watched activist

on the left and the right who find it necessary to quote the founding fathers as the end all to a political argument.

After seven years, maybe we’ve just done it too much.

As much as we all respect the founding fathers–Madison, Jefferson, Washington and so forth– isn’t it just as important to understand their frame of mind in their own time.

Here’s my point, all of our founding fathers from the late 1700s to the early 1800s new absolutely nothing about the technology we have today. They knew nothing about, and frankly could not even imagine, our ability to harness the hydrogen atom and literally blow the world away.

When the founding fathers were talking about the right to bear arms, did it ever cross their mind that people would be walking around with semiautomatic weapons in their local Wal-Mart?

These were very smart men. Some of the most educated and indeed the wealthiest that our nation had to offer. But in the end they were limited in scope. 

The knew that.  That’s why they left us with ideology as well as a Constitutional foundation. 

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The Biggest Idea American’s Should Understand Before Election Day

Raleigh, NC—A friend of mine told me that he thought the reason politicians, in general, can’t get anything done is because once they’re elected the real movers and shakers in Congress sit them down and tell them the political facts of life.

To some extent, I agree with that.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist in thinking that there are groups of people who control the world.  But, I do think once politicians are elected, they are sat down and told how much all of their good ideas are worth in DC.

In fact, I know that to be the case.  A week after this November election, new members of Congress will be traveling to DC for a long, grueling and in depth orientation session. 

So, there is some validity that Americans are told things that aren’t necessarily true.  And, voters are told those things by people who either know or should know that the information they’re pumping out is misleading.

Here’s one of the biggest misconceptions I think you need to know before you vote in November.  The federal debt.

Most people believe that the federal government uses our taxpayer hard earned money to pay for things.  We’re somewhat taught that idea in accounting classes, by some economic people and even in the media.  Hell, we have politicians that tell us that all the time.  They pander that concept to win votes.

But, in a nutshell, that really isn’t true because the federal government makes it’s own money literally out of thin air.

There’s a difference between money we have in the bank (as private citizens) and money the government has available as a sovereign nation.

A sovereign nation creates it’s own money (as much as it wants and needs) at any given time.  It makes laws that only it can create and print money.   Then the government turns around and spends the money it creates. 

The only reason government money is worth anything at all is because once we get money that the government spends, a certain amount of that money comes back to them in the form of tax payments.  If we weren’t required to pay tax, the dollar bill would have a much different appeal.

Before you get the “deer in headlights” look, all I’m trying to get across is that government debt is not a bad thing and that the federal deficit isn’t as big of a deal as some politicians will have you believe.

When you wrap your head around that concept — do some research into MMT (Modern Monetary Theory).  And, when you see how it works in real life—your idea of how the government should spend money will change.

That new knowledge will undoubtedly influence your thinking process in who the best political candidates are.

But, also keep in mind the spending “thing” only works for the federal government—state governments can’t make their own money, just like you can’t make your own dollar bills.

I’m not just throwing the MMT concept out there.  I’ve actually talked to economists at various think tanks (most had their own agenda), politicians and eggheads in the pubic sector.  MMT is something you should know and something you’d be wise to wrap your head around. 

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