From Graham Edwards “It is what it is”

Edwards concerning prices: “They are what they are!”
Only 1 Rocky Mount City Council Member willing to challenge Edwards on that statement: Reuben Blackwell, Ward 2.

2009-10-18_21-01-56-395Graham Edwards, CEO of ElectriCities, was in Rocky Mount NC recently to handout awards to local utility workers.  The awards were to be given out during the last NCEMPA meeting in Wilson NC.  Rich Worsinger, Utilities Director for the City of Rocky Mount, thought it would be a good idea (and a good PR gimmick) to have the awards hand presented by Edwards at a Rocky Mount City Council Meeting. 

No one really knew Edwards was coming to Rocky Mount (outside of a few City Hall people), so when a lady spoke regarding high utility rates, it was completely by accident that Graham Edwards was in the audience. 

She spent about three minutes saying what has been said many many times before.  She thought the City Council could be doing something (anything), she felt utilities was unfair and too high.

What was really interesting was Graham Edwards’ “off the cuff” response.  He gave a short history of electricity in eastern NC (by now we all know it by heart) but he said more than once concerning prices that “THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE”.   Albeit, that Edwards was there to hand out awards, not to give an account of Electricities to the Rocky Mount City Council. 

This CEO makes more than any ElectriCities CEO in the history of the corporation.  He should (and is paid to) justify the actions of Electricities, especially when he is in front of a governing body such as a city council. 

2009-10-18_20-55-06-092As Councilman Reuben Blackwell (Ward 2) said, “You knew you were coming to Rocky Mount.”

Good ol’ Boys Abound
2009-10-18_20-56-59-732[4]As Edwards finished speaking and after he gave out the last award (and took the last picture) with a city utilities employee, Mayor David Combs came down, shook his hand (patted his arm), and smiled saying “good job”.   Was Combs just being nice? Maybe?  Does he think it’s just easier to catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?  Maybe?  Or did he actually think Edwards had done a good job answering questions?  Who knows?

2009-10-18_21-40-03-698The fact remains that out of 7 elected City Council members only 1 asked Edwards to address the citizen’s questions that were raised during the public forum. 

This was not a personal event for Edwards.  He was representing ElectriCities!  Any questions asked of him by an elected official or a local citizen for that matter should certainly be taken seriously and answered within the scope of his capacity. 

Edwards did say that he would be more than happy to come back and engage the city council in a detailed discussion.  Let’s hope that doesn’t mean “let me come back when I’ve got my facts straight and my talking points in order”. 

Citizens of Rocky Mount deserve better and ratepayers in eastern North Carolina deserve answers better than “it is what it is”.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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One Response to From Graham Edwards “It is what it is”

  1. terence says:

    Since Gerrick is now in trouble for “favors for her kid” can you explain to me why Esterine Davis is not in the same trouble. She paid lobbyists and got them to give her kid jobs; she got the now-Governor to give the kid a job; she got Poyner and Spruill, ElectriCities corrupt lawyers, to give her a job. HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT? Mr. Edwards, we will get to her. Too bad you do not have the guts to deal with her. Pick your lawsuit – her or a criminal investigation. Our ratepayer money went to Johnny Tillet at McGuire Woods, home of Mike Easley, and he hired her kid. Our money goes to Mike Colo, who hired her kid. DIFFERENCE PLEASE?

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