Fireworks on the “Dave Perkins” 99.3 Morning Show Over Calvin Woodard – John Farmer Debate– (and the backstory)

For the past two days, I’ve called into the 99.3 Morning Show and aired my concerns over the way Dave Perkins has (in my humble opinion) somewhat misled listeners regarding the Woodard-Farmer debate—specifically the lack of a debate.  In a nutshell, DP is trying to discredit Woodard for not agreeing to debate Farmer in a 99.3 (Boykin Center) format. This is a different debate as opposed to the Tea bagger debate proposed at the Wilson Ag Center that would have charged a hefty cover.

In case you missed this morning’s show here’s the highlights and some of what I said.

It was John Farmer who was perfectly agreeable with charging a $20 cover to attend a proposed debate hosted by the Wilson County Tea (Party) baggers. The rules and format of the debate were changed after Calvin agreed to debate Farmer and a cover charge was added to pay WHIG TV (which by the way, has no Wilson connection) to film.  Calvin flatly said, “NO, people should not have to pay to see a debate.” –as a side note, the Wilson County Tea Party has rescinded the cover charge to save face.  (For me, this doesn’t hold water because the WHIG/Wilson Tea Party SCAM has already been uncovered.  In my opinion, Calvin has a moral and ethical duty NOT to have anything more to do with them or this event.)

Since the Tea Bagger debate fell flat, 99.3’s Morning Show came up with a plan to have a debate at the Boykin Center and air it live on radio.  Woodard originally agreed, but in light of the Tea Party fiasco (and the reneging of the promises of ethical standards and fair play) Woodard is hesitant to jump back onto a “debate rollercoaster”.   Keep in mind that this is NOT the first time Woodard has been “burned” in this election process: have you ever wondered why the rent at the old campaign headquarters went from $500/month to $1500/month overnight?

The Backstory to all of this is that Dave Perkins sees the “entertainment value” of having Woodard & Farmer debate.  And, in David’s mind, everyone would be better served using the 99.3 (Boykin Center) format.

But, the “real” truth is that Calvin Woodard has every right and obligation to ascertain the “hidden agendas” behind any debate, from this point onward.

Is there a conspiracy afoot?  YES. But, not with 99.3 or the DP Morning Show. The problem rests with the John Farmer/Wilson Tea Party and rumors circulating about hidden agenda’s and backdoor deals.

Keep in mind, that if WHIG hadn’t have tried to scam a cover charge as a way to pocket some cash (for themselves and possible others)—none of this would have come to light.  So, in a way, you can thank WHIG for their failed attempt at a “ponzi” scheme.

For the past 7 month, I’ve heard story after story, rumor after rumor as it relates to this Sheriff election.  I’ve always taken those “tid-bits” with a grain of salt.  But, you know what? A lot of those “whispers” about Wayne Gay turned out to be true.  And, after the way Gay handled his failed attempt at contrition over the failed re-election bid, I can see exactly why Wilson voters want another Sheriff.

Calvin has always—and I mean always—been ready to debate the issues with anybody, anytime and anywhere.  That hasn’t changed.  What has changed, however, is that Wilson County citizens have woken up and smelled the coffee! 

So DP…(I’m scheduled to be on his show Sept 16th, by the way) you can play this little “cricket chirp” from now until the cows come home—hoping that Calvin Woodard will somehow (some way) cave in to a Morning Show debate.  For you this is entertainment; but, for now, you’re the only one who thinks it’s funny.

Oh, and for the record: I’d love to interview John Farmer!  I’ve got tons of questions and most I already know the answer.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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