Telegram Article Doesn’t Tell Whole Story—Sanderson Farms, PPP and John Gessaman

First of all, I support Sanderson Farms coming to Nash county.  I think we need any jobs we can get.  But, I’m not in favor of putting the site at it’s current purposed location primarily because of the runoff/contamination issue and secondly, because of the way this whole “thing” has been handled by some of our “movers and shakers”.

Today’s Rocky Mount Tell-a-Lie points to yet another continual spin absent of hard-hitting questions.  Here’s why…

There is nothing wrong with PPP.  I’ve quoted PPP in my political blogs and have stated many times that I think PPP is about as fair as any polling organization around, at least with the candidates and issues I follow.  PPP has had an accurate pulse on the national elections, including North Carolina.  It should be noted that PPP is located in Raleigh (and I like having a national player this close to home).

John Gessaman’s (CEO of Carolina Gateway Partnership) comments about PPP should have sent up a red flag with the reporter because it’s common knowledge that Lewis Advertising (a local marketing and advertising firm) has been used to promote the positive spin of Sanderson Farms.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with using PR to promote an idea.  Just like there is nothing wrong with using lobbyist (ethical lobbyist) to promote policy and law change.

Gessaman, however, used the “if you don’t like the message…kill the messenger”.  Gessaman tried to tear apart PPP and the phrasing of the questions posed to those polled in the survey.  His time (and ink) would have been better spent if he had addressed the concerns of the citizens of both Wilson and Nash counties and acknowledged that: “Houston, we have a problem”.

Honestly, is that the best we can do at Carolina Gateway Partnership?  Is Gessaman the best guy to float this project and address (in an articulate manner) the concerns of local taxpayers without going off on a PPP tangent?  A high school debater could have articulated a better comeback!

If Sanderson Farms pulls out, in my opinion, it would be due more to the stupidity of local leaders like John Gessaman than the concerns of local residents over water quality.

I’ve listened to Gessaman on Jammin’ 99.3, from time to time.  He’s never struck me as being a “genius” but I didn’t peg him as being this arrogant.  In my last article, I addressed the pressure local leaders were under to “get something started in Nash county”.  Gessaman’s comments point out just how intense that pressure is and also points to the fact mistakes have been made by local leaders in the planning of this project.

Dear Sanderson Farms: Welcome to Nash County-Rocky Mount!
link to Telegram article: (don’t worry, this is a free article and worth every penny!)


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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