Do you really want to get academic about gun control? Or do you just want to hear yourself talk?

How about we just use some common sense?

6If you say yes—to one or both—then I guess the best place to do it is here. Because the FCC doesn’t like it when you tell a Tea bagger to “fuck off” on a nationally syndicated radio talk show.  (Don’t ask me how I know this)

Lets get the ball rolling with bullet points.

1.  I’m not against reasonable law abiding people owning and having weapons– including guns–for personal protection, hunting and whatnot.  The key word is reasonable. Reasonable is physical and mental.  Physically be able to shoot the gun and physically be able to protect the gun from the hands of someone else, if necessary.

An 80 year old grandmother sleeping with a 12 gauge shotgun next to her oxygen tank would probably not meet this standard.

7The mental part should be self explanatory, but in case you’ve been tied up pouring over Second Amendment case law, let me explain.  If you have suicidal or homicidal thought patterns (you know who you are) a gun probably isn’t a good idea for you or the people you come into contact with.

Mental also equates to non-crazy.  If your dog tells you to buy a weapon to shoot your garden tomatoes because they’re conspiring with the squash to steal the Miracle Grow; you probably will not meet the mental standard test. 

But, let’s be serious for a moment: if you’re a mean SOB that thinks it’s “good sense” to walk out on your front porch with a gun strapped to your hip yelling to the neighborhood kids to stay off your lawn, you don’t need to own a gun.

If you think I’m off base go down to Florida and walk around a gated community with a hoodie and a pack of Skittles.  (I’m just saying) **If this was radio now would be the FCC frowned upon “fuck you” part of the show**

*And while I’m at it, let me make another point on mental health: if you live in a unstable household—need mental health intervention–and refuse to get your child help because of your “community status”—you don’t need a gun! 

2. I’m not in favor of anyone having a gun needing a clip of 10 rounds or more.  If you have to shoot more than 10 times at the same object to get the job done—you need glasses, not a damn gun.

3. Even though I’m in favor of  restricting certain types of guns to certain types of people—I’m more in favor of keeping emotion out of legislation.  If you’re going to write law, you need to “think” first and then “feel”.  It’s the thinking part that’s hard.  It takes time.  It takes research.  And, it takes effort.   When we “feel”, we make bad decisions—bad choices. Choices that come back to bite us in the ass later on.

5Every time I watch CNN and see another child laid to rest, my heart literally aches.  I remember what it was like holding my son’s little hand on his first day of school.  I can picture him being nervous—all packed up with his cute Sponge Bob book bag and jumbo pencils.

I remember what he was wearing that day—blue t-shirt and khaki shorts–  and I can even tell you how his hair was parted on the left because I swiped it out of his eyes what seemed like a hundred times.   I was the basket case, not him.  He was as cool as a cucumber on his first day.  

I see the face of a Sandy Hook child, I remember something about my son’s first year:  his first Good Citizenship award; his gold stared report card.  I know it sound cheesy to go on and on about it.  But, yes, my heart breaks for those moms and dads in Newtown.  Those parents will never get a hand painted plastic plate signed by the greatest first grade artist in the world.

After 9/11 there was a push to require all airline pilots to “bear arms” in the cockpit.  Thankfully, it didn’t get traction.  And, anyone who thinks making rules in the wake of tragedy is okay hasn’t gone through checkpoints with the TSA lately. 

4. Finally, my last point: now is not the time to debate the Second Amendment.  Don’t throw the Constitution in my face and don’t argue the “true” intentions of the Founding Fathers with a Cato report.  The difference between a Tea Partier and a Tea bagger is knowing when to shut up making your point.

Wilson and Madison both had different 8readings of “bear arms” in different papers. And, the definition of Militia was both singular and plural depending on the language.  So, unless you’re a Harvard educated Constitutional lawyer circa 1970s, I really don’t care to hear your damn Constitutional opinion away.  

Fact: a gun in 1770 was a single shot pellet that—at best, took 30 seconds to load and effective less than 30% of the time under damp conditions.

What we have today are not guns—we have weapons of mass destruction.  But, as dark as it is, we are better off doing nothing now. Wait and hope for reason to set in.  Or, risk screwing the whole damn thing up and making it worse. 

About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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  1. My friend telling it like it is.

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