I’m George Fisher and I approved this Teabaggin’ Teabagger Message!


WILSON N.C.—As most of you know who follow my Blog: www.whotheHellisGeorge.com, I am the Communication 7Director for the grassroots organization: People for the the Ethical Treatment of Voters

PETV was founded by three likeminded individuals: Asa Gregory, Barbara Dantonio and myself.  The organization was born out of a local issue regarding the appointment of Joel Killion as Secretary to the Wilson County Board of Elections.  After much research and due diligence in gathering facts, we have come to believe that Secretary Killion, through his actions and association with the Wilson County Tea Party was inappropriately appointed to the Wilson County Board of Elections. 

Subsequently, The North Carolina State Board of Elections received a formal complaint alleging that Secretary Killion violated state statues that limit the political activities of Election Board Members8The complainants, Asa Gregory and Barbara Dantonio, are asking for the removal of Secretary Killion from the Wilson Board of Elections. 

17Secretary Killion, on his own accord, wrote the State Board of Elections a response to the allegations levied by Gregory and Dantonio.   Part of the information collected in Secretary Killion’s research included articles from my Blog: www.whothehellisgeorge.com, pictures of various Tea Party Members sporting Tea Party attire and conversation screenshots gathered from my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/george.fisher.568 .

It was alleged in Killion’s report that he had found inappropriate language and the word, TeaBagger, used to describe him and/or other members of the Tea Party movement.  He attributed the words and inappropriate language to the complainants, Asa Gregory and Barbara Dantonio.

However, that information sent to the State Board of Elections is erroneous.  It was I who called some members of the Wilson County Tea Party, Teabaggers, some New Bern Tea Party members, Teabaggers: I may have even called Secretary Killion a Teabagger.  However, since this was before his appointment, the correct verbiage would be Teabagger Killion. 

So, yes.  It was my writing, my blog, my Facebook page, 9my responsibility and my effort to inform my readers of those local-small town Teabaggin’ tricks—the group is lucky my language wasn’t more colorful—the better angles of my nature were out to lunch that day.

In fact, considering what the local Wilson County Teabaggers were trying to do: including trying to dismantle the 1st District of North Carolina—by running a candidate who didn’t even live in the 1st Congressional District and couldn’t even vote for himself in his own election.

But now, I have a bone to pick with Joel.  Mr. Killion would have you believe that the phrase “Teabagger” was a pornographic term of such vile and loathsome wickedness, having learned what it is would surly cause the watcher to implode as their face melted away in agony and their eyes caved into the back of their skull like opening the Ark of the Covenant in the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

But, how are they to even know?  I mean really Teabaggers get their news from Fox, The Blaze and Rush

Keith Olbermann Reminds the Teabaggers that They Coined Their Own Name

Jan 19 2010

The teabaggers coined their own name, without realizing what it also means, and then they blamed their critics for their stupidity. By the way, why did it take them so long to figure out what a teabagger is? Why has this outrage on their part flared up recently?                                               copied with permission from Politicus USA

Wilson County Tea Party Logo used under the the Fair Use Doctrine :17 U.S.C. § 107


Now, talking about Tea Party v. Teabaggin’ will lighten the load on a stressful day.  The reality is the NCGOP did much much worse than sneak onto a local Board of Elections.  Let’s take a look at why People for the Ethical Treatment of Voters was formed.  It doesn’t have anything to do with Tea. 

  • Requiring state-issued photo ID to cast ballot-
  • Cutting early voting  —   Fifty-six percent of North Carolinians voted early during the 2012 election
  • Ending same day registration during early voting
  • Penalizing parents of students who register to vote where they go to college
  • Ending straight-ticket voting
  • North Carolina GOP Attaches Abortion Restrictions To Motorcycle Safety Bill With No Public Notice

About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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