You FOOLS! Why Bob Rucho Doesn’t Give A DAMN What You Think

imageNorth Carolina Republican State Senator Bob Rucho tweeted very vulgar and offensive rhetoric saying that Obamacare and Chief Justice Thomas were collectively as bad as Nazism and he doesn’t seem to want to apologize.  

Oh, well.  Did you really think Rucho would give a damn what we think?

The Democrats want him to apologize, Randy Voller, Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party wants him to apologize, the Republicans want him to apologize—even the media would like to see some contrition.  But, guess what?  You ain’t gonna get it—unless at some point he gets tired of all the whining and says WTF.

No, Sen. Bob Rucho is very calculating, very creative and very much a TeabaggerHe panders to the extreme far right in an effort to get the blessings of like minded Tea Party libertarians who for now, are masking as Republicans to get elected.

Bob knows his district, he should—he helped make it .  He knows he has to make outlandish statements and pull farther and farther to the right so he doesn’t get picked off in a primary.

Does Bob believe what he tweets?  No knows?   Rucho probably doesn’t even know if he believes what he says.  And, Bob doesn’t care, either. He says it because the Tea wells up in his soul and he has to get it out.  If John McCain and Ted Cruz can do it, so can he!  Bob Rucho wants to win.

He watches conservative national news, he reads the Blaze, he listens to Glenn Beck radio and Glenn Beck TV (a double whammy). 

He thinks Fox News is the only legitimist news source.  He probably thinks Palin would make a fine president and the only reason she’s not the VP now is because the liberal, tree-huggin’, socialistic Marxist thinking Communistic media elite fed her to the wolves.   

(Hold on…I’ve got to take a breath…okay.)

And, here’s the kicker.  Bob loves the attention.  He loves the calls from the press, the emails from reporters, the “at-a-boys” from his Teabaggin’ friends.  He loves the pats on the back, because in his district it equals votes.

What Bob doesn’t like is to be ignored and I think I know why.  Yesterday, it stuck me funny when a reporter asked Rucho why he tweeted and not written a letter to the editor of a newspaper to get the bigger message across.

Rucho’s response was, “it would be nice if they would take some of those Op-Ed pieces.”  Well, hot damn—now we know the rest of the story.  Bob is a two year old with an ego. 

Calculating and methodical, Rucho tweeted what he needed to tweet to get the job done: to get noticed and get appreciated by his Teabagging voters.

Rucho is fully aware that people have a short attention span, he has to keep it fresh.  He’s got to keep them coming back for more like a trained monkey in a traveling circus.  (Feel free to use your imagination here)

In Rucho’s mind, his comments weren’t regrettable even though they were degradable.  He was on purpose and on point.  He meant to tweet what he did and he meant to piss people off.

Cause that’s how the Teabaggers roll!

The best thing we can do is ignore this fool and refuse to comment on articles and clips the media gives us about him.  We can refuse to even acknowledge his shenanigans on Facebook ( I’m guilty of this, too). 

And, we can remember come election day.  In fact, we must remember come election day.  Is this the guy you really want representing you in the NCGA? 

If the truth be known, only a small number of very conservative far right winged nut jobs would say yes.  Reasonable minded independents, middle of the road true Republicans and any breathing Democrat would say no. 

The latter are the people we need to engage.  We can capture the independents and reasonable thinking voters and remind them of what Rucho is and of what he says.

We can help them embrace the embarrassment most of North Carolina feels and vote this man out of office.  But, we have to do it in his own backyard.  Having a rally in Raleigh or Wilmington or Rocky Mount screaming the injustice of Rucho’s actions and words isn’t getting the message to the right people.  Those voters can’t vote against him in an election, we’re actually wasting our time.

He knows this simple fact.  He’s seen it before.  He has a smile on his face knowing we often preach to the wrong people for the right reasons that at the end of the day makes no difference in his ability to get elected.

Let’s learn from our mistakes.  Let’s play it smart.  Let’s for once use our heads and calculate the odds for the right outcome.

Let’s roll!


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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