North Carolina Democrats—Re: Randy Voller—I Told You So!

Raleigh—NC   Back on February 16, 2014, I wrote “NC Dems—This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” Part II.  In that blog post I said the following:


In retaliation, often consultants leak information, obtained from the machine, to the media.  And, sometimes the machine leaks the information itself to the various media outlets

I’m not saying that individuals within the media are conspiring to take Voller down; what I am saying is that the media loves a storyTo start an inquiry all a reporter needs is an accusation leaked by a credible source.  The question becomes, how do you define credibility?”

There is a quote I often use to describe media outlets.  I relate it to the fact that news is entertainment.  A reporter is only as good as her last story and the last story is only as good as the public interest it generates.  Public interest is only as good as the advertising dollars it brings forth.

Tonight, WRAL wrote a story basically saying that the NCDP only has about $60,000 in the bank and that because of financial problems—the Democratic headquarters could very well shut it’s doors.   Folks, if it doesn’t sound reasonable, it probably isn’t.  Do your own research and draw your own conclusions before you jump the gun.   Think about it this way: if the NCDP only had $60K to it’s name, the Goodwin House would have closed long before now. There’s more than sixty grand floating around Democratic coffers—so, don’t stroke out.

The second thing wrong with this story is that the reporting states Chairman Voller pledged $5,000—then the article goes on to bring up Randy Voller’s Internal Revenue problems.  As much as that part of the story is technically accurate, it doesn’t tell the whole story.  Nobody that I know of has ever bothered to report the true nature of the incident.  Voller does owe money to the IRS.  Back in 2008, the Chairman was hit with a perfect storm of financial woes.  Because of the death of his father and the housing collapse, Voller was plagued with financial uncertainty.  But, here’s the part the media fails to report: Voller never ran from his problems.  He immediately began negotiations with federal and state tax authorities in an effort to resolve the debt.   At the present, not only has Voller paid the state of North Carolina it’s tax, but he did it way ahead of schedule.  He is currently working on his federal debt and by all accounts that also is being paid off ahead of schedule. 

I would suggest Chairman Voller pledged the $5K to spark a commitment within the Executive Council as a sign that the NCDP is not dead in the water an some reporters have claimed.  And, by the way, as soon as Voller made the pledge it was matched!

Tonight’s article on WRAL’s website will give you some facts—in a convoluted and somewhat distorted way.  It will not, however, lead you down the road to truth.  I am also aware that the News and Observer will also report on Sunday’s NCDP events.  Don’t expect any better treatment and don’t expect that article to shed actual truth and validity.  The Democratic machine has a far reaching arm.

Just because reporters get  text messages it doesn’t mean it’s from a creditable source.   It doesn’t mean the people writing those texts are without hidden agendas.   And, it sure as Hell doesn’t mean the media outlets are doing one bit of due diligence with regard to fact checking.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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3 Responses to North Carolina Democrats—Re: Randy Voller—I Told You So!

  1. robert evinger says:

    yes, thanks for the update. I’ve always been a fan of Randy Voller. a nice guy with a heart.

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