News That Didn’t Make The Front Page

A Facebook fight over a naked picture causes a female teenager to get stabbed over 65 times. For years Caterpillar has shifted money from the United States to Switzerland so they would not have to pay tax. Clowns can be scary creatures, especially in the United Kingdom. Marijuana in the District of Columbia is now decriminalize. All these and more fun news tidbits that did not make the front page for Tuesday. April 1, 2014

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray on Monday signed a bill that decriminalizes possession of up to an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana in the U.S. capital, a spokeswoman said.

The law makes possession a civil violation with a penalty of $25, lower than most city parking tickets. Possession had been a misdemeanor carrying up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Read more:

Glenn Beck Sued for Defamation Over His ‘212 3B’ Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracy Theory – See more at:

Call me crazy but for some reason I like this story. It is no laughing matter – Britain’s clowns are in danger of dying out.

Amid claims the public considers them sinister rather than funny, their numbers are collapsing as spectacularly as their comedy cars.

Clowns International (CI), the country’s sole organisation for the performers, has seen its membership plummet from almost 1,000 in the 1980s to little over 100 in recent years.

The average age of remaining members, meanwhile, is rising, with fewer young clowns joining its ranks.

It warns that many of those who are still active have been forced to go part time, as traditionally regular work, such as children’s parties, dries up, as parents opt instead for television, or film-themed celebrations. At the same time, the numbers employed in circuses have dropped.

Industrial manufacturer Caterpillar shifted billions of dollars in profits from the United States to Switzerland over a decade to avoid paying $2.4 billion in U.S. taxes, according to a Senate report due out Tuesday. The report from the Senate permanent subcommittee on investigations is the latest in a series of probes into multinational corporations, including Apple, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, accused of hiding portions of their global profits from taxation.

(Reuters) – The Central Intelligence Agency misled the U.S. government and public for years about aspects of its brutal interrogation program, concealing details about harsh treatment of detainees and other issues, according to a report in the Washington Post.

U.S. officials who have seen a Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA interrogation program described damning new information about a network of secret detention facilities, also called “black sites”, the Washington Post said. Read more:


A 16-year-old girl is alleged to have killed her best friend by stabbing her over 60 times following a Facebook dispute.

Mexican news website, Notus , reports that Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez and Anel Baez, both 16, were besties who were often seen posing together for photos for Facebook. But when Baez uploaded a picture of them both naked to the social network, Gutierrez became furious and threatened to “bury” Baez before the end of the year.

“It may seem that I am very calm, but in my head I have killed you at least three times,” Gutierrez reportedly wrote to Baez via her Twitter account that has now been deleted.

But Baez didn’t take Gutierrez seriously even after she was told “she would be lucky to survive until the end of the year”.

Authorities claim on 19 March, Baez invited Gutierrez over to her home in Guamuchil, Mexico to make friends again.

Gutierrez then reportedly asked to use her friend’s bathroom but instead walked to the kitchen where it’s alleged she grabbed a knife and returned to stab her once best friend to death. Baez was found with 65 stab wounds to her back.

According to local police, following the killing Gutierrez fled the scene and tried to hide her involvement by grieving with friends and even attending the funeral where police eventually arrested Gutierrez.




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