In NC—Real Republicans know Thom Tillis has a problem: Sen. Kay Hagan has your back– Thom Tillis will stab you in it.

Raleigh—NC  The United States Senate race in North Carolina in all likelihood will be the most expensive political race this year. 1It may very well end up in the top five of the most expensive nonpresidential political races of all time.

How North Carolina votes will be a direct reflection on whether or not the Democratic Party can keep the majority in the United States Senate.

So here’s what we have to look forward to: a Democratic5 incumbent named Kay Hagan and a tea party Republican and Speaker of the North Carolina House named Tom Tillis. 

2Sen. Kay Hagan can run on her record. She can run on the fact that she supported the Affordable Care Act and she can run on the fact that she supports the expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina. She can run on her ideas of job growth and job creation within North Carolina and she can run on the fact that she has tried to expand the unemployment benefits for those who simply cannot find work through no fault of their own.

Kay Hagan can run on her own record.

The question now becomes, can Thom Tillis successfully run on his tea party agenda.

Here is what Thom Tillis has supported as speaker of the North Carolina House:  he supported a bill that will suppress voting rights in North Carolina and disenfranchise thousands of poor voters primarily those that are socioeconomically depressed and African-American.

Tom Tillis supported a voter ID plan that will come into effect in 2016.  Even though Thom Tillis got up on MSNBC and 6specifically said that the voter ID law had nothing to do with voter fraud  because he did not believe there was voter fraud in North Carolina and there was no evidence of voter fraud in North Carolina.

Tom Tillis, the Republican nominee for the United States Senate barely narrowly beat his competition– while his competition had a grand jury indictment levied against him. 

Tom Tillis, the Republican nominee for the United States Senate is the same person who voted for a bill to cut the North Carolina income tax for corporations to the tune of $500,000 and at the same time decrease funding for teachers and North Carolina public schools by the same amount.

You can already see where Tom Tillis has a problem– he has a record that is not indicative of the core values that North Carolinians hold.  The current North Carolina speaker of the house is out of touch with North Carolina. He is out of touch with true Republicans, he is out of touch with unaffiliated voters and he is certainly out of touch with North Carolina Democrats.

True North Carolina Republicans– real Republicans– want clean air. They expect the North Carolina Gen. assembly to enact laws mandating corporations not to contaminate our air and water supplies.  Real North Carolina Republicans and unaffiliated voters do not expect political administrations to whitewash and turned a blind eye in favor of corporations who break the law for their own monetary gain.

7Real Republicans in North Carolina are like the rest of us, they live paycheck to paycheck— they want to raise their family in peace and safety— they want to live in an atmosphere relatively free of the stress of not knowing whether or not they will have a job from month to month because of North Carolina’s economic uncertainty.

Real Republicans know that North Carolina’s current unemployment figures are not a result of outstanding GOP accomplishments and they are not reflective of the true nature of unemployment in the state.  Real Republicans know when they are being lied to by Tom Tillis and his tea party Republican friends. 

They know that if manufacturing is laying off tens of thousands of people all across the state that unemployment numbers can’t go down as fast as what they are unless somebody is cooking the book’s.

Tom Tillis knows this all too well. And so does Karl Rove and his4 Super PAC, American Crossroads.  That is why you see millions of dollars already being poured into advertising and television commercials vaunting Kay Hagan as a spend and tax Democratic liberal.

Real Republicans know that Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan is their best option in November.  They know  that Sen. Kay Hagan supports teacher pay to the national standard.  They know that Kay Hagan supports smaller classroom sizes while increasing the number of teaching assistants.

Real Republicans in North Carolina know that Kay Hagan is not a tax-and-spend Democratic liberal. If the truth be known she is middle of the road if not more conservative than most of the Democrats around here.

But the real kicker is this, and the tea party cannot get around it, Kay Hagan is a supporter of small business in North CarolinaShe understands that the majority of North Carolinians work for a living and live paycheck to paycheck.  She understands that way too many North Carolinians and way too many people all across the country are just one illness– one sickness– our way from financial catastrophe.

Real Republicans are in the same boat as the rest of us: and they understand that Kay Hagan fights in the United States Senate every single day to support people that otherwise would not have a voice.

And real North Carolina Republicans know that Kay Hagan has our back. She’s there for us as a representative to the United States Senate for the people of North Carolina and she is there for us to turn to when we need help.

8Kay Hagan has our back– Tom Tillis will stab you in the back! The choice is clear.

Over the coming months you will see millions of dollars of media ads that will do everything it can to tell you the opposite and make you believe that Kay Hagan as a Democratic mobster.  And it just isn’t true.  That is the best they can do. 

The best the GOP can do and the best the tea party can do is to portray Sen. Hagan has some wicked witch of the East.  Because tea party Republicans know that they can circumvent the actual facts when it doesn’t suit their interest.  The tea party understands that they can put up smoke screens and barriers to keep voters from figuring out the true nature of this election.

The simple fact that Sen. Kay Hagan has your back and Tom Tillis will stab you in it.

–thank you JC for that correction.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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2 Responses to In NC—Real Republicans know Thom Tillis has a problem: Sen. Kay Hagan has your back– Thom Tillis will stab you in it.

  1. Judy Cox says:

    Good article. One correction though. Americans for Prosperity is the Koch funded PAC. Karl Rove has American Crossroads

  2. Robert Vance says:

    We have an opportunity to elect either an ahole or a liar in November. And Kay Hagan needs to know that North Carolinians do not take well to liars. She earned my vote in 2008 but will not in 2014; my only question this year is whether or not I can stand to vote for Tillis.

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