The Case for Marshall Adame in North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional Race. Marshall Adame (D) v. Walter Jones (R)

It’s time to remodel the house!

updated 18:20pm on 5/21/2014

Greenville—NC  when Congressman Walter Jones won the Republican Party primary against Taylor Griffin— talk show host Rush Limbaugh called it a victory for the tea party.

Pat Buchanan said Walter Jones was a principled peace conservative.  But frankly, I have no idea what a principled peace conservative looks like.  By chance, there are two books on the market that may shed some light into what those three words 13mean: The Principled Conservative in 21st Century America and the other one is Principled Conservatives Or Covert Racist.  After reading the abstracts, somehow I don’t think Pat Buchanan is talking about the second one.

Walter Jones has been a member of Congress for almost 20 years. He was elected back in 1995 as a Republican after having lost as a Democrat to Eva Clayton, two years prior– and after all that time and after all those years of service– Eastern North Carolina is worse off now than when he started.

When Walter Jones was first elected to Congress, North Carolina and especially eastern North Carolina had a robust economy of tobacco farming, textile mills and a world-class furniture market.

Today, Eastern North Carolina is primarily a service industry dotted with fast food restaurants and grocery stores.  Tobacco farming is virtually nonexistent, textile mills have moved their operations to foreign countries with cheap labor and our furniture market is nothing more than abandoned buildings with caved-in roofs and shattered glass windows.

We’ve become one of the poorest and one of the most14 socioeconomically depressed areas in the country.  While military complexes prop up some of our larger towns, smaller communities are drying up because of an evaporating cash flow fueled by  people moving to other areas to find work.

Anyone who’s looked at trends in eastern North Carolina over the last 20 years can tell you that we are much worse off than we were back in the day.  And, it’s time for a change— it’s time for a new direction regardless of which politician or which political party is to blame.  It’s time to remodel the house!

When Walter Jones first ran in 1995– he ran as a Democrat.  He talked like a Democrat, he campaigned like a Democrat and he acted like a Democrat not only in ideology but in spirit.

But, as the term neocon was just becoming a buzzword, Walter Jones decided he was more aligned with the Republican ideology of his loyal Republican base. 

Those were the good old days.

Walter Jones, who has been labeled the most moderate Republican House member, supported President Bush and the Iraq war effort.  He supported President Bush when we invaded Afghanistan in an effort to drive out the Taliban.

But as the months and years went on, and after the wars became unpopular on the American landscape– Walter Jones decided that the Bush administration didn’t have an exit plan to end the wars and had lied about the reasons to go to war in the first place.15

The News and Observer said of Jones, “His apostasy caused House leaders to throw him off the House financial services committee.”

And there-in lies the crux of the problem: the once Democrat turned Republican has bit the hand that feeds him so many times that he has become ineffective to the third Congressional District.

To my knowledge, Congressman Jones sits on no important committees, has written no sustaining laws and by his actions and his inability to build political bridges, he is ineffective.

Time after time, campaign after campaign, election cycle after election cycle Walter Jones has offered hope but in reality all he’s ever brought back is hype.

Why Marshall Adame?

10Because it doesn’t matter what your political ideology happens to be– logical voters whether they are Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian known in their heart that 20 years is long enough to keep an ineffective congressman in office.  It is time to take a chance and vote for change.

Adame served his country for years in the Marine Corp joining when he was 16 and served in Vietnam at the age of 17, he has worked as a Diplomat with the United States Department of State.  Adame has foreign policy experience but more importantly he has Middle East experience. 

9But in reality, Marshall Adame’s greatest asset is that he knows eastern North Carolina.  And he knows what it’s like to go without food and to get without shelter because for years Marshall lived a life of homelessness as a kid on the streets of East Los Angeles. 

Not only is Marshall’s story a testament to the great advantages of living in America but Marshall’s story is exactly why we need them in the United States Congress serving the people of the third Congressional District of North Carolina. 

While other politicians have read about homelessness in book’s and newspapers– Marshall is a politician who knows and understands that kind of pain of hopelessness and abuse because he lived it.

11From Marshall Adame’s website, it reads:

“Marshall experienced some very difficult times during his childhood years. From the age of twelve, Marshall and his then fourteen year old brother lived alone and on their own in the streets of East Los Angeles. His family, having been torn apart by divorce and other turmoil, left Marshall and his older brother, Johnny alone having to survive any way they could until Marshall joined the Marines at the age of sixteen. Although Marshall has had significant success in his adult life, he knows what it feels like to be a kid alone, poor, severely abused and forgotten in the midst of the greatest and wealthiest country in the world. Marshall has taken that experience into his adult life. It has shaped his personal life and his politics.”

In this day and age these are the kind of politicians  we need in office.  We need politicians who understand and have the felt responsibility for people who live paycheck to paycheck.  We need politicians who understand and know what it feels like to live with the stress of not knowing if you’ll have a job next week, next month or next year. We don’t need a ribbon cutter making $175,000 a year.

12We need members of Congress like Marshall Adame because they understand the greatness of America firsthand. They didn’t read about it in textbooks, they didn’t see it on TV, they didn’t hear about it at prep school or in a country club locker room. They lived it.

Marshall  Adame lived it and he continues to live it every day of his life.

Over the next several months, I will be pointing out the differences between Walter Jones and Marshall Adame.  Those differences are staggering: Jones is a career politician who comes from a vested political family and Marshall Adame is career military who comes from a poor family and a broken home.  Those differences just in and of itself forms a person’s political ideology and political acumen– it functions as a foundation for service and it functions as a foundation for compassion for those less fortunate.

We cannot fix everything all at once but we can start with this election. We can start with the third Congressional District of North Carolina.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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