Remember All Those Veteran Bills The Republicans Blocked? Well, I Do! So, Lets Talk About Obama, The VA, and Who’s Really At Fault.

The Republican Party in association with Fox News is doing their level best to try to turn the Veterans Administration situation into a Democratic scandal.  Make no mistake about it,  there is an election coming up and Tea party Republicans will  use any means necessary to point the blame at any Democrat they can find who is running for election.

Let’s not forget that John McCain on several occasions has called for the Veterans Administration to be privatized.

Let’s also not forget that over in the Senate, less than three months ago, a bill was filibustered that would’ve granted the VA an additional $21 billion for expanded health related services.  And, who blocked that bill you might ask?  The Republicans. Specifically Tea Party Republicans with their head teabagger Ted Cruz leading the way. 

The Republican hypocrisy goes way beyond that one bill. About a year and a half ago, over in the House of Representatives, the Republicans blocked a Democratic jobs bill that would’ve added literally thousands of jobs specifically designed for returning veterans.

But that’s not all, let’s take a look at some more bills thay the Republicans have blocked over the last few years regarding our veterans.

The Republicans blocked the homeless veterans reintegration program, they blocked the job creation through entrepreneurship act from three years ago and they also block the wounded veteran job security act.

So any time a Tea Party Republican wants to lay this so-called veterans scandal at the feet of Pres. Obama or in the hands of a Democrat controlled Senate we should not forget the Party that has blocked bill after bill.

Fox News has reported about the Phoenix  Veterans Affairs Medical Center over and over again with half truths and misinformation. I understand this turning into a media circus—that’s the nature of media, but we should not forget what has happened by the hands of the Republican Party over the last six years.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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