GOP Paid Operative, Dallas Woodhouse, Tweets Misinformation at Moral Monday Press Conference—Here’s the Raw Video of What the Teacher Actually Said… .

Raleigh—NC  Moral Mondays have become a nationwide event and it’s literally watched around the world.

Every Monday, like minded people gather to protest the NC GOP controlled legislature because of the Machiavellian laws they have recently passed.  They’ve drastically cut social programs for the poor while giving enormous tax breaks to NC corporations and to the wealthy of the wealthy in the Tarheel state. 

Moral Monday continues to gain media attention and followersTo combat this, the NC GOP is spending money to infiltrate the movement and to pump misinformation into traditional media streams and social networks and microblogs.

Say hello to Dallas Woodhouse–

1Woodhouse is a paid op who was the former head of NC’s Americans for Prosperity.  He now runs Carolina Raising, an advocacy “group” that supports the NC Republican (Tea Party/Libertarian) right wing agenda.

Woodhouse feels that one of his main jobs is to squash Moral Mondays by most any means necessarily.

He’s hired *trackers to track the Moral Monday/Forward Together organizers as well as trackers to track Randy Voller, Chair of the 3North Carolina Democratic Party and Casey Mann, the Executive Director of the NCDP.

This is a pic of me and one of Dallas’ trackers facing off. 

*Trackers are people paid to run around and take pictures and video of people and/or events.  The goal is to take the pics and vids in such a way as to discredit the group and organizers.

Another thing Woodhouse is doing is poking fun at Moral Monday protesters.  He admits it.  Here’s an excerpt of a recent interview.

Former North Carolina Americans for Prosperity Director Dallas Woodhouse was there, as promised, to poke fun at protesters by handing out what he called “sun-shaped stress balls,” which were basically soft little yellow squeeze toys that looked like little suns.

Woodhouse, whose new conservative advocacy group is called Carolina Rising, explained his intentions to WCHL, while his lone companion, who appeared to be a young woman in a sun costume, stood by. –Danny Hooley

Woodhouse is now going to Moral Monday press conferences and tweeting misinformation about the speakers.  He’s hoping one of two things will happen: he’ll be able to disrupt the movement enough so people will get fed up and/or he’ll be able to draw media attention away from the movement and toward his twisted talking points.

Here’s what Woodhouse tweeted late yesterday afternoon and below that is the actual video of what Woodhouse was tweeting about.  –The take-away is that the teacher didn’t say what Dallas Woodhouse quoted. 


My Facebook post sheds more light on Woodhouse.


This is not the first time I’ve watched Woodhouse at a Moral Monday event.  Last week I was able to catch up with Dallas Woodhouse and ask him a few questions, albeit rushed. 

If Dallas Woodhouse’s best and brightest plan is to hire trackers and spew misinformation out to reporters and twitter followers—I doubt Moral Monday/Forward Together has much to worry about. 

Maybe that’s why he hasn’t gathered any more attention than what he’s already gathered.  But, I think I have gleaned some insight as to why Thom Tillis, Pat McCrory and Art Pope feel the need to hire someone like Woodard.

Take a look at this video and you’ll see that the protesters look a lot like the “collective” NCGOP—white, middle class looking voters.

But, these protesters aren’t the Tea Party rouges we’re use to seeing in a vanilla white lineup, they’re middle of the road “good” Republicans.  Yes, you’ll see Democrats, but you’re just as likely to talk to the unaffiliated and independent voters in this movement. 


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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