Marshall Adame (NC-03) More Americans Will Die In Iraq. Former Diplomat Says CIA Installed Maliki.

Jacksonville, NC—This morning as media reports state a few 10hundred military advisors will be sent to Iraq to stabilize the region—former Marine and State Department Diplomat,  Marshall Adame,  says that more Americans will die in Iraq.

Adame is the former military and diplomatic advisor to middle eastern countries such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia–and he controlled the famous Bagdad airport in the Iraqi “green zone.” 

Adame says the United States has made several severe mistakes in that region of the world and he points to an article he wrote1 several years ago, “Six Blunders the United States made in Iraq that We Can Fix” as an example of American political mismanagement of Iraq and of Prime Minister Maliki. 

In fact, Marshall Adame will go so far as to say that Maliki and his government is nothing more than a CIA initiative gone haywire.  Adame says that it was the CIA who brought Maliki into power under the Bush administration through the use of Iraqi Special Envoy and US Ambassador Paul Brenner. 

Adame says it was never about WMDs or an effort to stabilize the region from terrorists, it was about money, power and oil.  Mostly oil.


Marshall Adame further explains that when American forces originally surrounded Bagdad, the only area safeguarded and protected was the Ministry of Oil, everything else within the Iraqi infrastructure of government was left to fend for itself and take it’s chances. 

What’s the solution? Adame says there is no single answer but he states we (America) must stop sending troops to that country.  Period.

“Iraq was stable before we got there and it’s because of our actions that the country is in the shape it’s in” Adame said this morning in a telephone conversation.  Adame points to the fact that Maliki was installed by CIA operatives and he has become a multimillionaire while going about the mass murder of Sunni tribes. 

In his final thoughts, Adame says, “the Iraqi people will not forget what we did and what we helped others do to them.  We need to stop sending more American service personnel over there.”

Adame, Democratic primary winner, is running to unseat Republican Congressman Walter Jones, in the 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina.  Adame is a former United States Marine, served in Vietnam and is a Diplomatic expert in Middle East affairs.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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