Despite what you may think, the sun is rising for Democrats in North Carolina and the NCDP

It’s only natural that NC Dems would finger point over the Hagan loss.  And, that’s okay— but, the fact is, we made some tremendous gains in a sea of red.

Mike Stone (Sanford, Lee County) is perhaps the most vocal in advocating fracking in NC—he lost.  The NCDP filed complaints against Walker (Congress), Americans for Prosperity and Dallas Woodhouse group, Carolina Rising. 

Make no mistake about it: the sun is rising in North Carolina and it’s rising on Democrats!

  • The NCDP filed three major complaints with the State Board of Elections, including a substantial complaint against Americans for Prosperity, as well as two with the Federal Elections Commission. (One against Congressman elect Mark Walker and one against Carolina Rising.)
  • The NCDP won five out of seven contested statewide elections including five out of six judicial races statewide.
  • The NCDP won three new seats on the legislature and rid the General Assembly of the most outspoken advocate of fracking (Rep. Stone) and the leading advocate for the reduction of local control by governments (Rep. Moffit) as well as Rep. Moffit’s seatmate Rep. Tom Murry.
  • The NCDP deployed the Blue Ballot Strategy to train dozens of counties in the use of VoteBuilder, provided them with technology, targeted voter universes with support and managed to conduct targeted canvassing operations in strategic counties to turn out the voters that we needed to win local races as well as statewide races.
  • The NCDP produced a unified ballot for the counties to customize and it was instrumental in assisting down ballot races. In fact, the down ballot candidates who were on a unified “Blue Ballot” received by and large a 5% increase to their vote compared to candidates who were not on a unified ballot.
  • The Democratic Party (NCDP) picked up commissioner seats, school board seats and other contested offices statewide.
  • Democrats picked up control of the Chatham, Lee and Wake County Board of Commissioners as well as maintaining control of Mecklenburg and Buncombe.
  • The  NCDP responded to incessant attacks on President Obama by standing with the President in its collateral materials, on air advertising and orchestrated nearly 1-million targeted robocalls to registered African-American voters who turned out substantially and responded to the targeted calls. For example on the last day of early voting alone (November 1st) over 30,000 African-American voted after being contacted by Dr. Chavis via a call that morning.
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    About George Fisher

    George is a freelance writer, an author and a former Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and two congressional races. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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    1 Response to Despite what you may think, the sun is rising for Democrats in North Carolina and the NCDP

    1. Betsy Muse says:

      Actually…it wasn’t the NCDP that is responsible for all of the wins. It was regular old boots-on-the-ground Democrats who accomplished that.

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