Patsy Keever—ShameGate: No Clear Rationale to Elect Her NCDP Chair. Turns her back on Pres. Obama, Dr. Ben Chavis, Randy Voller and NC.

[Patsy Keever: turned her back on our President, turned her back on Dr. Ben Chavis, couldn’t care less about eastern North Carolina, can’t win elections and led us into ShameGate]9

Patsy Keever has a political litany of bad decision making and Democratic blunders that leaves me shaking my head as to why she would even consider running for NCDP Chair. Or why anyone on the SEC would vote for her for that matter.

Aside from ShameGate, there are other reasons not to consider Patsy: like Kay Hagan’s campaign, Keever turned her back on President Barack Obama.

The Ashville Citizen-Times ran a story back in July of 2012, just before the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, and went on record saying she would not endorse the President.

She cited the reason saying that she“. . . is not willing to give him . . . my vote in Congress.” (Citizen-Times 7/11/2012)


Anyone who’s been in politics for longer than a day will understand that’s political doubletalk; doubletalk that obviously never resonated well in the 10th Congressional District seeing she lost 43-57 to Patrick McHenry.

Now, in light of ShameGate, Keever says she is running because, in her words she knows “what it takes to win elections.” (N&O 11/12/2014)

I’m still shaking my head over that statement, too.

Make no mistake about it; Keever is a polished “country-club-Dem” insider, having been appointed to the NC House to represent District 115 back in 2010, by Governor Bev Perdue.

She doesn’t know how to win elections; she knows how to win appointments.

In one of her talking points she mentions supporting Democratic candidates and winning elections from “Murphy to Manteo.” Coming to the scene from eastern North Carolina, I’d would argue she should have said, “from Murphy to Raleigh.”

To my knowledge, Keever has never embraced eastern North Carolina or the candidates we run for office. I don’t even think she’s ever been in this part of the state as a Democratic leader.

What I do know is that eastern North Carolina knows who she is, especially in the Black communities.

She was very critical of NCDP Chair Randy Voller’s firing of incompetent Executive Director, Robert Dempsey. He ended up getting the ED job in Virginia and they almost lost Warner’s safe Senate seat.

But, more importantly, when Voller made headway with Dr. Ben Chavis, and when rumors swirled that he was being considered interim ED, Keever (as well as other country club Dems) threw down the red flag.

Make no mistake about it: when Voller built a relationship with Dr. Chavis, the Democratic elite went into overdrive in an organized effort to eviscerate him (Voller) and anyone who supported him.

2I’m not saying it’s racial (only because Voller haters would call the comment race-biting) but, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck… .

Keever doesn’t know eastern North Carolina and she has made effort to alienate the Black community, the African American Caucus and most candidates who come from this area, black and white.

Not only should Patsy Keever not be elected Chair, she should resign as 1VC at the SEC meeting, Nov. 15th.

Stay and be a demoncrat or go and be a Democrat; simple as that.

Patsy Keever: can’t win elections, turns her back on our President, turns her back on the black community and participates in ShameGate. Patsy, go home.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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One Response to Patsy Keever—ShameGate: No Clear Rationale to Elect Her NCDP Chair. Turns her back on Pres. Obama, Dr. Ben Chavis, Randy Voller and NC.

  1. Pamella S. Cash-Roper says:

    This woman not only needs to step down but not seek the Chair person for the NCDP…as usual the NCDP is full of infighting and backbiting…what we need in this party is unity and a process of working together. We are our own worst enemy. Stop this ridiculous caste system from the garden party to the country club. Get busy with solid plans to get NC on track to be a Democratic State.

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