NCDP Chair Randy Voller 10 Point Plan

On Saturday at the SEC, Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Randy Voller announced he would not seek reelection to that post.

During his announcement, he gave a 10 point plan that he thinks should be considered as the Democratic Party moves forward into the next election cycle. 

Voller 10 Points:

Due to our efforts with the Blue Ballot statewide we won three supreme court seats, two appellate court seats, and if we could have had more time to pull our folks together on the third race we would have won that appellate court seat, too.

Given the structure of House Bill 589 and the elimination of tax check-off funding there is a lot of retooling/reorganizing that we will need to do to win the battle of ideas and elections.

The following are ten ideas that I believe we should strongly consider:

Number one should be the reorganization of the NCDP and the caucus operations into one unit. The public and many of our supporters have no idea that there is a difference between a “coordinated campaign” and/or the house and senate caucus. We can run more efficiently and smoothly if one person ran the operations and that person reported to the Executive Director.
In addition we could amend the plan of organization to add a representative of the caucuses to the Executive Council as specific assignments and/or as “officers” of the party. I could even see a change that added a representative from the Council of State/Governor’s office, too. (One representative for the Democratic leaders.)

Number two should be changes to the sustaining fund and how it operates so that a) the NCDP collects the funds every year and b) the agreement is formalized as a dues/subscription arrangement that would allow the NCDP to work with its affiliate members such as the county operations to mail.

Number three should be the full endorsement of the victory fund to replace the lost tax-check off revenue. Without tax-check off revenue the party is losing over one million dollars each year and in some years as much as one and a half million dollars.

Number four should be the full endorsement of the “Red, White and Blue” cooperative effort with the NCGOP that will fund the building fund of each party. These funds are non-political, they are identified in HB 589 as to how they can used and the program will allow the parties to solicit funding jointly to support their HQ. (See the attached letter.)

Number five should be the joint legislative endorsement of “voting centers” in every county that are open during early voting and election day. This would allow for the elimination of “precinct” voting and replace it with better staffed sites that stay open during the entire election season. In addition this would eliminate voter confusion and the problems that arise on election day with “out of precinct” voting.  (The executive directors association for county BOE operations has a proposal to implement this idea and we should support some of our counties to be “beta tests” for the plan.)
Number six should be a joint legislative push to restore same day registration, which will fix the issue of voters moving from one county to the next and through the bureaucratic operation of law losing their right to vote. (Please see the attached story from this past election.)

Number seven should be the compensation of the chair, which has been done by other states and the NCGOP in our state with Tom Fetzer and probably Claude Pope, too.

Number eight should be a a review of all contractors and consultants for “best management practices.” If we can pull together a method to supply a link on our website to the best vendors in each region and the state we will be doing a service to our candidates and local parties.

Number nine should be the completion of a reformed Plan of Organization that incorporates some of the aforesaid in items # 1 through #8 as well as the other issues they have been discussing.

Number ten should be a ongoing commitment by elected officials, those running for office and other stakeholders to help start a building fund in each county; get a HQ up and operational full time in each county; unify and centralize our compliance/paperwork so that county treasurers have help and are not overwhelmed by the job; and funding at the local level to continuously compete every year for elections including, but not limited to:  municipal, school board, county, legislative,  statewide and federal.




About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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2 Responses to NCDP Chair Randy Voller 10 Point Plan

  1. This is an important and ambitious list. It got overwhelmed in the dog and pony show over Patsy’s Shamegate letter, I am so glad you brought it back to the forefront, George.

  2. Pamella S. Cash-Roper says:

    This needs to be looked at by all members of the NCDP not just the naysayers and the garden club/country club crowd. We need to put every effort into having a cohesive, unified party to win the next election…stop infighting and get to work.

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