Bladenboro NC Newspaper Editorial Shows Racism Exists and Why the FBI Should Investigate

This editorial reads like 1960s Alabama.  But, it’s not—it’s 2014 and it shows why racism is alive and well in this and other small towns throughout the south.

I’m posting the entire piece here—incase the newspaper decides to take it down in an effort to hide their true sentiment.

Background: in August, a 17 year old Black child was found hanging from a swing set in a white mobile home park. 

At the time he was taken down by authorities, he was covered in fire ants.  The shoes he was wearing were 2 sizes to small and the belt that was used as a noose was not his own.

A private autopsy report draws into question that because the height of the swing-set beam and the child’s weight—it would have been nearly impossible for him to have hung himself (or acted alone).

Local authorities, instead of digging a little deeper, ruled it a suicide.

The NC NAACP, headed by the Rev. Dr. William Barber, took issue after the incident was brought to his attention and after attempts to ask for further investigation landed on deaf ears and cold hearts.

So, the NAACP did the only thing they could do: they marched to draw attention to the to the death and the need to find the truth—no matter what that truth might be.

Below is the editorial—


March merely serves NAACP’s own cause

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The town of Bladenboro hosted its annual Christmas parade last Saturday, but it will host a “parade” of another kind this Saturday — one far more serious and far more polarizing.

Tomorrow, the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, led by the Rev. William Barber, will lead family, friends, supporters and wayward zealots in a march to draw further attention to the tragic death of 17-year-old Lennon Lacy on Aug. 29.

We are hoping the event, which you can read more about in W. Curt Vincent’s story on Page 1A today, will be nothing but peaceful. But we also know how little a spark it would take to put little Bladenboro on the national map in a negative way.

Like most in this county, we have nothing but the most heartfelt and sincere sadness for the Lacy family. The loss of a child under any circumstances is a tragic and devastating thing. We honestly wish the youngster had not left his home at such an unreasonable hour that night — or any night, for that matter.

And now, a handful of law enforcement agencies have spent thousands of man-hours over several weeks trying to piece together the puzzle that was left behind when the West Bladen junior was found hanging from a swing set.

To date, none of those agencies have uncovered or been given any solid evidence that the incident was anything by a suicide. Yet the case has not been closed and the investigation continues.

Of course, the NAACP has hired its own pathologist and, as expected with any hired investigator, the findings of the independent autopsy serve only to give those who suspect a less-than-honest conclusion by law enforcement to add more fuel to their concerns.

This is the classic modus operandi of the NAACP — create doubt without answering any of its own questions and providing no additional evidence to support anything.

But while the NAACP has done nothing to assist the local or state investigation into Lacy’s death, instead spending its time refuting anything they are told simply because they can, there is the issue of race that is paramount to any event the NAACP is part of.

While Barber has claimed “this is not a race thing, it’s a death thing,” he has also on more than one occasion asked the question, “If a white man’s body was found hanging in a black neighborhood, would there have been a rush to judgment?”

Barber and his minions can twist things all they like, but the fact is that there has been no rush to judgment. The case is not closed. Second, if “this is not a race thing,” then why pose a question like that?

And we will turn Barber’s words back on him: If a white man’s body was found hanging in a black neighborhood, would the NAACP even bother to be here?

To want answers and push for a thorough investigation is good. But when that has already been done, and especially when the evidence points to a conclusion with relative certainty, to keep asking for more investigations in the hopes of getting the answers you want is frivolous. Some things we just may never know the answer to.

Tomorrow’s show of intimidation cloaked under the guise of honoring the family and memory of Lacy will go on as planned, and we again hope it goes off without a negative hitch. But we wonder when this country will finally move past the existence of such a divisive group that openly stirs the very racism it claims to be trying to stop.

And finally, we hope young Lennon Lacy will be allowed to rest in peace soon.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a former Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and two congressional races. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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