NCDP Candidates: Some Old Ideas Coming from New People

[Is Patsy Keever using Randy Voller talking points to get elected Chair of the NCDP?]

Patsy Keever, the embattled 1st Vice Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party and candidate for NCDP Chair, wants to employ a 100 county strategy if she is elected Chair.

That seems to be same strategy Randy Voller spoke about when he ran for Chair two years ago—albeit worded a little differently.

Some other ideas worth considering from the slate of candidates running for the volunteer office of Chair:

Marshall Adame, of Onslow County, wants to bring in a professional fundraiser to get the NCDP off on the right financial footing.

Janice Covington—the first transgender—to run for a statewide political office says that by electing her the NCDP can show unity and inclusiveness.  She also wants to bring in professional fundraisers to raise cash for the Party.

Ron Sanyal has a somewhat different twist on raising money—he wants to utilize Indian motel owners who, according to him, is an untapped resource.

All candidates seem to have some good talking points—and they all seem to preach unity in diversity—whatever that means.

But, in the end, it comes down to SEC voters and their willingness to make actual change or their desire to step from one cow patty to another for the next two years.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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2 Responses to NCDP Candidates: Some Old Ideas Coming from New People

  1. Betsy Muse says:

    100 County strategy first proposed at BlueNC by Robert Peterson…laid out the entire plan in a series of blog posts….so not even an original idea for Voller.

  2. Ron Sanyal says:

    Need correction: 1. American Indian Doctors Association 2. American Indian Hoteliers Association 3. County Party obligation to give NCDP due money 4. Five Fund Raisers on commission basis.
    5. Fix the NCDP House & Money will come. 6. Kay Hagan can donate some money to help NCDP stay on its feet. I will appreciate you correcting my facts! Thank you!
    Ron Sanyal
    Candiate for NCDP Chair (2015-2017)

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