Some TPP Truth – It’s a Bad Bad Deal

Nobody knows exactly what’s in it – members of Congress have been able to read certain portions but if they take notes, the notes are confiscated in the name of national security.

But, we do know that Wall Street and Big Pharma love it – so that by itself should give us pause and concern.

In one fell swoop, the TPP could:

There is a US business coalition fighting for the passage of TPP and it includes companies like Monsanto, IBM, Viacom, Conoco Phillips and big oil and pharma. 

It’s impressive the amount of lobbying money they’re using (and used) to force this vote.

Another troubling point is that the language of TPP gives corporations a “nation like status” over governmental regulation.   If you think America has problem with companies using offshore accounts to dodge American tax – you haven’t seen anything yet.

But, here’s the real problem I see – if it goes through like insiders are saying, it can probably never be undone.  The multinational trade agreement – if altered – would have to be agreed to by every other county in the TPP.  The likelihood of that is practically zero.

And, it get’s worse.  The American economy isn’t on the rebound like mainstream media wants you to believe.  Consumer confidence tells a different story – as people are still afraid to spend money they don’t absolutely need to spend.  And they are scared to go into debt for purchases.   Take a look at the consumer confidence board – it tells of an up and down story.

TPP allows corporations to outsource even more jobs – but unlike lower income jobs like call centers – TPP allows the outsourcing of middle and upper middle class jobsTypically, those jobs pay $22.50-37.00 per hour and the people working those jobs make up about 80% of the tax burden in the United States.

This National Employment Law Project tells of a bleaker story. 

And, check out this WashPost article from 2013.  If the stats are even half true – TPP could very well be the final nail in the American taxpayer’s coffin.

On the flip side – I do understand the talking points of TPP.  Asian countries aren’t third world anymore – they have a lot of money to spend and we’re living in a global economy.   If we don’t have a hand in helping control and profit from the Asian economic explosion, America will be left in the dust.

But, it can also be said that it was American corporate money that created that economic explosion by outsourcing low wage jobs there, in the first place.  Secondly, multinational corps are spending billions of dollars investing in Asian infrastructures. 

TPP is a bad bad deal – it’s putting the cart before the horse once again.  Couple that with the fact American kids are walking out of college owing tens of thousands of dollars in education loans.

Back in the 1970s, a kid could work a summer job and pay his entire tuition (including room and board) for a whole year.  In 2015, a kid can work a whole summer (assuming he can find a job) and it won’t even cover much more than a meal plan.

One final problem that plays into this situation – even though it’s not mainstream media news right now, America still has thousands of undocumented workers coming across the border every year.

The talking point is their tragic plight – and I understand that.  It concerns me as I feel for all human beings who are mistreated.  Frankly, if I were in their shoes – I’d be trying to get into America too.

The second talking point is that these workers are only taking low paying jobs – primarily in Ag.   Jobs Americas wouldn’t do – or can’t do.  If they weren’t here – the price of our food supply at the grocery store would skyrocket.  I get that.

But, the problem is that the longer they stay – have kids and settle into an American life – the more they drain out community resources.   Most undocumented workers live in an underground economy – meaning it’s a cash system.  Yes, some pay taxes – but many don’t.  And, when they don’t – or can’t – pay tax it puts a tremendous burden on local healthcare, school systems and social service programs.  Right now – the very people paying the tax to support our community infrastructures are the very people who will be out of a job under TPP.

In the end – it’s a complicated situation – as most things are in politics.  There are no good answers to any of these problematic questions.   But, TPP will be the breaking point for America over the next twenty years, if passed.  And, there will be no way out for our kids and grand kids.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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