It’s time to help out a friend – an underdog who has been a the victim of a billion dollar corporation

heather Regardless of your position on what this woman writes, I’m supporting her efforts to write one last book that can help many independent writers, save them money and time plus shed some light on a corporate structure who efforts have impaired median income indie writers. 

Please join me and supporting this effort and what she considers her last book on Amazon

. Like this Facebook page and please subscribe to this blog: link here. Remember the Duke University student who paid her way through college by staring in porn videos?  Although this isn’t the woman I’m speaking about, it is in the same vein.

A Facebook friend picked up on one of my post about a year ago and asked for my help.  She knew I ghost wrote for some local politicians and wanted some feedback on some short stories she was writing.

The project interested me because we all need part-time jobs in this economy to make ends meet.  And, from time to time putting food on the table is challenging. I asked her to send me a few samples and she was embarrassed to tell me she was writing erotica and selling it under a pen name on Amazon. If nothing else, that piqued me interest because I’ve penned self-help (mostly political) for the past two years with moderate success.

I understood the buzz works and the Amazon payout – those things she didn’t have to explain. I also know many authors on Facebook who write historical fiction, romance and SciFi.

I’ve even dabbled at writing motivational and success books in my spare time. I was taken by her candor and offered some pointers that I thought would be helpful. Long story short, she messaged me a few days ago and asked me to take a look at her new WordPress blog.  She said she was probably getting out of the writing business and will try to find a part-time job to go along with her full-time job to make ends meet. I am more activist at heart than anything else.

And, contrary to some of my Facebook friends I have a heart of goal.  After mulling it over for a day and a half, I will help her and help her promote and market what she considers her last book. She wants to tell the story of how Amazon treats independent authors in light of their new pay scale called KU 2.0.

KU is sort for Kindle Unlimited, a feature Amazon promotes for $9.99 a month and granting access to all sorts of free books. I’m a member of KU and I’ve read some very good books albeit mostly short reads relating to politics and political candidates. And, secondly – I don’t see anything wrong with writing erotica or erotic romance fiction considering Amazon is the worlds biggest seller of adult products such as dildos and flesh lights – gadgets that are designed for masturbation.

I’ll be posting some of her work on my blog and I’ll be re-blogging some of her post to help her get her message out. If for no other reason, I’m sick to death of corporations taking advantage of little guys who do not have the resources to fight back. Please join me in following this Facebook page and this blog.

If Amazon can do this to independent authors they or other corporations can do it to anyone else.   Maybe it’s time to fight back one issue at a time. Blog Facebook Page


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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