What the Frick? How ALL of this could have been avoided.

A. P. Dillon’s post yesterday is a scathing, and in depth piece on the corruption that is occurring behind the scenes in the NCDP.

The story centers around a twenty-one year old Democratic 8th congressional chair, who is plagued with  issues like multiple voting records, two NC district locations, proxy manipulation of voting in internal NC Democratic elections; as well as a slate of interactions with law enforcement, and a pending charge of alleged domestic violence.

On three separate occasions, members of the 8th CD contacted the Officers of the North Carolina Democratic Party and filed formal complaints to remove Dylan Frick.

One for the complaints had at least 22 signatures.

In order for complaints to move forward, in the NC Dem Party, they must first go before the Officers of the Party, in order to determine the weight of the matter.

Chairwoman Patsy Keever. is ultimately responsible for keeping this twenty one year old in his position of power and there is no way to overlook the error of her jugement.  She’s the boss of the NCDP, and she could have moved this issue to it’s logical conclusion.  She could have done it quietly and in a timely matter.  But, she decided otherwise.

If she had, I doubt any of Mr. Frick’s issues would have ever come to light, and I doubt the Republicans would be having this field day.  I’ve already had several tell me, “See, THIS is why we need a voter ID. This is what’s wrong with your Party.”

Keep in mind, that North Carolina Democrats didn’t move this issue forward.  Apparently, Mr. Frick pissed off some South Carolina College Democrats, when he was voting in Charleston. They found out he was elected the Chair of the 8th Congressional District, they started an email campaign and now we have this mess.

But, now that the cat is out of the bag, we’re aware of his failure to complete his probation.  And, there is no way the Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party could have not known about this and his criminal record.

Especially, in a presidential year, these are not the things we need to fight against as Democrats.

Not only has Chairwoman, Patsy Keever mishandled the Dylan Frick issue, but she mishandled the removal of the head of the judicial body of the NCDP: Mr. John Brooks.

Not only has she mishandled those two issues, in what I consider ethical violations in the Party’s Plan of Organization, but she mishandled a matter in the 3rd congressional district concerning Chris Hardee who was Chair of the NC 03,  and she manipulated the Executive Council in rendering an inadequate decision over the matter of his removal.

Some members of the Executive Council of the NCDP are respected politicians.  So, it would seem the Chair of the NCDP has no problem manipulating elected officials to do her bidding.

The Democratic members of the Council of State need to have a serious sit-down conversation with  Patsy Keever.  Or, pretty soon, we won’t have a Democratic Party left in N.C.

Her mishandling of internal Democratic matters will ultimate spell doom for any candidate running.  As long as Patsy Keever is Chair of the NCDP, I hope Roy Cooper has a rabbit’s foot in his pocket.

No wonder the DSCC, after all the good people they’ve flown to DC and talked with, can’t find anyone to run against Richard Burr.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a former Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and two congressional races. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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4 Responses to What the Frick? How ALL of this could have been avoided.

  1. Norman says:

    I’m thrilled that You have fully identified Mrs. Patsy Keever-Aycock’s missteps and violations of the NCDP Plan of Organization’s(POO) rules and procedures.

    However, I do not understand how and why you totally ignored the African-American Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party (AAC-NCDP) administration and operations being wrongfully interrupted by NCDP Chairwoman Patsy Keever-Aycock.

    It’s crystal clear Mrs. Keever-Aycock knowingly and diliberately ignored section 4.8 and section 9.01 of the POO.


  2. Joshua says:

    None of this would have happened if Randy Voller was still the Chair.

  3. Dylan Frick says:

    Just gonna put this here. Below is a conversation with me from George a couple of months ago.

    I have nothing to prove to George and will not go into depth in labeling every single lie here. There’s been all this hype about how I supposedly voted twice at an SEC meeting in February, which never happened. I was a proxy for Marcus Brandon, and I was registered in the 6th District. Nothing wrong there.

    I wasn’t elected the Chairman of the 8th District while attending school in Charleston. I was elected Chairman in May 2015, and I attended the College of Charleston from 2012-2013. Look at a calendar.

    I completed probation for a misdemeanor for “possession and manufacturing a fraudulent ID” (it was actually a piece of paper taped on my old permit, and I decided to represent myself thinking no sane person would think that was a fraudulent ID). As said in the Lady Liberty article, I didn’t finish my probation for that unsuccessfully. I don’t know where everyone keeps getting this. And then she says I have a court date in November for it? Completely false. That entire case was finished with Judge Hunters last year. No failed drug tests. No “unsuccessful termination.”

    I never voted in two states at once. I attended the College of Charleston and voted there in the special election in March 2013, then when I moved back to NC in the fall of 2013, I re-registered and voted in NC in the 2013 municipals in Greensboro. I’ve spoken with State Board of Elections officials and we’ve resolved that there is no longer an issue.

    After reading this conversation, I want you to know that George never came to this meeting. He never said another word to me before writing this. Although he claims to be a progressive, and a Democrat, he wants nothing more than to divide this Party. For some odd reason. I’m not sure, but most people don’t take him seriously so it’s no big deal. But, if you were just flipping through the internet and saw this story, I hope this clears up the story.

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