kevinRecently, Adam Coker, a Democrat running for the 13th Congressional District was exposed by Triad City Beat for having plagiarized content on his website from both Republican and Democratic candidates.

Coker took responsibility by saying he had not properly supervised his staffer.  I thought Coker’s response was a little weak: but, at least this time he used his own words.  Sigh.  The content was taken down.

But, that’s not quite the end of the story.  I tagged Kevin Griffin in the piece I wrote and it showed up on his timeline.  There was only responder who took issue—although I’m not sure if he took issue with my tagging Griffin or writing the article in the first place. 

In any event, Griffin responded on his Facebook page by saying,:

“Last week, we were all presented with the disappointing news that Adam Coker and his Campaign Manager plagiarized his policy statements from both Republican and Democratic candidates. While I do not believe that this was done with any malicious intent on his part, through this error, Mr. Coker has learned a painful lesson about the difficulties of hiring and managing employees. It’s regrettable that he had to learn this lesson with his first employee. Putting together a team of professionals and keeping them on task is a demanding job, and it is my hope that Mr. Coker is able to move past this issue to make his second hiring decision, finding another person to help him in the future. It’s unfortunate that this error in judgement has occurred, as it effectively eliminates any chance he might have had in a general election. However, Mr. Coker has been an active campaigner, and if he decides to continue in the primary election, I will look forward to now hearing his own thoughts and ideas regarding the issues facing the 13th District, the State and the Nation.

It’s my hope that Mr. Coker will address this issue publicly, and in detail, as a means of rebuilding the trust of the people. Regardless of any other factor, my campaign will continue to present an original platform and a comprehensive set of ideas that will return integrity and trust to our government, to provide the best possible representation for all the people of District 13. To achieve that goal, we must have open dialogue about all issues, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. I have made open conversation a centerpiece of our campaign from day one. I want to hear what the people of District 13 think and feel about all the issues, so that I am fully equipped to effectively represent us all. This is why I have not, and will not, remove this posting – the conversation must continue.”

I could just stop here and let Griffin’s words speak for themselves, but that would be uncharacteristic for anyone who knows me. (stop laughing)

I first became aware of Griffin when he ran for the U.S Senate.  By all accounts, Griffin was the underdog in that statewide race as the NCDP had their eyes on Deborah Ross.   They worked behind the scenes to help get her elected.

But, I was impressed with Griffin’s tenacity and his spirit.  The elites made it almost impossible for him to raise money—but he kept plugging along and speaking to as many organizations as would have him.

Griffin is an unlikely politician—meaning he’s doing it for the right reasons: he wants to help North Carolina. 

He’s a job creator by trade and has a staffing business—he doesn’t need the headache of political life. 

I’ve found few—if any—candidates who have sacrificed more to run for office than Griffin.  And, I’ve been around politics for thirty years. 

Griffin is worth a read—so I would certainly encourage anyone in the 13th to visit has website.

And, considering he is a nonpolitician (something the News & Observer criticized) he is more than worthy of your vote.


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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