Please read the article – there are still 91 dogs at risk!


Sources close to the investigation say the dogs were given a chemical formula that caused suffering.  Nobody really knows for sure exactly how many dogs were killed.  The reporter investigating the incident counted what she believed were 24 bodies.  In total, about 40 dogs have been killed leaving somewhere between 60 to 91 dogs remaining.

The investigation: the only investigation currently underway is that by the Kuwait Ministry.  They are NOT investigating the animal abuse or alleged human trafficking but only an EPA inquiry because the German Shepherds were not buried deep enough.

Update: A source close to the investigation said that the U.S. Army was contracted and was made aware of what was going on at E SEC (Eastern Securities) – they refused to help even though they were made aware that United States citizens were running the facility.

  • Eastern Securities is an American Company that was contracted by the Kuwaiti government to provide security in and around oil fields;
  • The primary mission of the company was to provide trained (CWD) dogs to sniff out explosive devices;
  • The company lost their security contract in May;
  • Instead of turning the dogs over, which is the standard policy and procedure – the company killed the dogs in what ex-employees say was revenge over losing the lucrative contract;
  • The company was paid between $10,000-30,000 per month, per dog;
  • An investigation is underway;
  • Some ex-employees say the number is killed is closer to 90 dogs;
  • The company has a history of abusing animals say ex employees;
  • Also an ex-employee claims the company was engaged in human trafficking;
  • Ongoing info: according to NY Post reporter Maureen Callahan—CEO Bill Baisey admits that the images of the dead dogs are real.
  • 91 dogs are still housed at the Eastern Security compound – and they are at risk.

This is a series of articles.  After speaking with many involved on the issue of the German Shepherds – there seems to be much more to the story including alligations of human trafficking.  Workers say they were abused and threatened.  Passports confiscated and the Kuwaitis looked the other way. 

On June 17, 2016, photos of euthanized German Shepherds began circulating on Facebook reportedly uploaded by an Egyptian dog handler who worked for an American security company (Eastern Security) in Kuwait.

bary haley004

June 17th picture posted to Facebook of the bodies of German Shepherds used by Eastern Securities.

In documentation provided by an online group, Eastern Securities of Kuwait and Bill Baisey – The Truth, a Facebook message suggests the killing of the twenty-four dogs pictured above was ordered by the company–and in particular, the “kill order” was given by the K9 program manager, Tony Touchet.

bary haley005

A Facebook message from the person who killed the German Shepherds.  The message indicated Tony Touchet gave the order at the direction of the company’s CEO Bill Baisey.

bary haley003

An Abu Ghraib Connection:

The person named “Tony” referenced in the above Facebook message is Tony Touchet.  He was hired into Eastern Security as the K-9 Program Manager and is believed to have had no experience working with canines or explosive detection dogs.  He was given one week of training after he was hired by Bill Baisey, the CEO.

Of particular interest is that Touchet is alleged to have worked at the ill-famed Abu Ghraib prison in 2007 according to a source close to the Facebook group.  Bill Baisey was also in Iraq during the same time as a subcontractor.  He owned a catering company named Najlaa International Catering Services.  In 2008, employees of that company protested the working conditions and human trafficking.  Although the United States government and the military say they have a zero tolerance concerning such matters, they awarded Baisey another contract that lasted until 2012.  That same catering company is now doing business in Kuwait.  

Touchet has made effort to scrub his internet information.  At the writing of this article, he had deactivated his LinkedIn account and no cached version was available. 

Tony 5


Tony Touchet Linked in page – 06-25-2016


Screenshot of the grassroots Facebook group advocating for the 24 German Shepherds kills and for the 91 dogs still remaining at Eastern Securities.


Further research suggests that Touchet received approximately 12 weeks of training with the dogs when he became K9 project manager.  However, many in the industry concede that was not enough training as a manager in charge of training the handlers attached to the canines.

Victoria Taft—a writer for IJreview.com (Independent Journal) reported yesterday that the euthanasia of the CWDs (Civil Working Dogs) may have happened in 2014.  But, she goes on to report that the Arab Times says a concerned Kuwaiti citizen made a formal complaint against Eastern Securities recently.

From the Arab Times, an English speaking newspaper in Kuwait:

KUWAIT CITY, June 19: 24 dogs of the K9 Division of a private security company were killed on Thursday, June 17 in Shuaiba, sparking outrage when photos of were made public on social media over the weekend.

A concerned Kuwaiti citizen, Esmail Al Misri, has lodged a criminal case that is now awaiting investigation by the authorities.

Speaking to the Arab Times, he shared that the killing was seemingly motivated by revenge because workers had not been paid their salaries since April 2016 on account of a contract being revoked. Photographs circulating on the internet show the sickly frames of some dogs, casting speculation on the conditions they were kept in. “We know how dogs that are well-fed and well taken care of look. The photos were taken immediately after the incident so we can rule out dehydration as a cause of their sickly state”, Al Misri stated.

He expressed concerns that a further 90 dogs were awaiting a similar fate and hoped that intervention would come in time.

The Arab Times contacted the security company and an employee, with firsthand knowledge of the situation and speaking on condition of anonymity, stressed that a lot of falsehoods were being spread online. He revealed that while handlers had not been paid for two months and a contract had been lost, there were other contracts in play and the dogs had been humanely euthanized solely for medical reasons.

However, Maueen Callahan, a reporter for the NY Post, paints a somewhat different and more dreadful picture of Eastern Securities and its CEO, Bill Baisey.   The Post contacted Amy Swope.  She worked for Eastern Securities back in 2014 for approximately five months – from June to November.

She says one dog, “had cancer so bad I begged them to euthanize her.”

Swope says the company refused, and made the cancer-stricken dog work until she died. At the time, Eastern Securities was being paid $3,000 per dog, per month, by the Kuwaiti government. Other sources say that figure is much higher — up to $10,000 per dog, per month

She goes on to state that the company had a hard time keeping veterinarians because they were rarely paid by the company.  Many veterinarians would get fed up and walk out.

Amy Swope says she confronted the CEO, Bill Baisey, pictured below.  She says he threatened her with prison.  Baisey concocted a step up.  Swope says she and her female roommate would often feed the handlers because they made very little money and that most of what they made was sent home to care for their families.  She admits at times, males would enter her apartment to get food.  The story Baisey concocted was that the men were going there for sex which is against Kuwaiti law.  He threatened to call the police and turn her in.  Swope’s roommate was the company office manager.  Swope recounts the office manager’s commitment to the employees who had their passports withheld.  “She a saint” Swope said.  “She started way before I did making sure the men were fed.”

bill baisey

It’s also reported that the company hired untrained people to provide medical care for the dogs.  A Bosnian Army K9 handler with no medical training was employed to carry out the duties of a veterinarian.

“I couldn’t do surgeries,” he says. “I’m not a university degree vet. I just went to high school.”

Baisey, who goes by at least two different names, and has multiple passports says “it’s all a conspiracy” brought on by someone in the United States looking to take his company down.

Human Trafficking Allegations:

Baisey admits to hiring people from third world countries because they are cheaper.  Those workers say that when they got to Kuwait, they had their passports taken away and were forced to live in substandard conditions.  Most only got paid around a $1,000 or less per month. Conditions were so bad for the workers that Swope felt compelled to make meals for the men, using her own resources, out of compassion.   

Baisey’s other business endeavor was investigated for human rights abuses in Iraq back in 2008.  Najlaa International Catering Services was a subcontractor for Houston-based KBR, Inc. under the Army’s Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) III contract.

The blog post linked in blue gives a detailed account of the human rights violations even though the United States government says it maintained a zero tolerance for such abuse.  (see report)

So what now?

Activists such as the group titled: Eastern Securities of Kuwait and Bill Baisey – The Truth want accountability.  They are calling for an investigation into the killing of the German Shepherds and are seeking for those accountable to take responsibility.

The United States Embassy in  Kuwait issued the following response when they were emailed:

“We are aware of reports that an American citizen is alleged to have committed acts of animal cruelty. Due to privacy laws, we do not comment on allegations regarding American citizens. The United States deplores the abuse of animals. The Embassy has raised the matter with Kuwaiti authorities, and we refer you to the Kuwaiti government for details on their efforts.”

Keep in mind that the United States also has a zero tolerance of  Human Trafficking but it  awarded Baisey and his catering company another contract that lasted until 2012 – well after the allegations of abuse was brought to light in Iraq.

Call to action:

The Facebook group suggests the following:

  1. Sign the petition and forward it to all your Facebook contacts in an effort to put pressure on authorities to hold the company responsible.   Petition
  2. Contact the following Embassies asking that they assist in the investigation and the possible human rights violations and trafficking of its citizens.  Also, ask them to help ensure that the other 91 civil working dogs still housed at Eastern Securities are not put down.
    1. U.S : https://www.facebook.com/USEmbassyQ8/
      Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Washinton D.C. : http://www.kuwaitembassy.us/
    2. Nepal : https://www.facebook.com/Embassy-of-Nepal-State-of-Kuwait-849384205097120/
    3. Phillipines: https://www.facebook.com/Philippine-Embassy-in-Kuwait-129734490546053/
    4. India: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Indian-Embassy/195500963824476
  3. The group is also asking you to contact your federal representative and your U. S. Senator in an effort to spearhead the Kuwaiti investigation and to ensure the issue isn’t swept under the rug.    http://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/

The Facebook group also wants the following information to be distributed as some information has been inaccurately reported.  The German Shepherds in question are not military dogs; they are private security working dogs trained in sniffing out explosive devices.  Some of the dogs were bought from USK9, which has posted a statement on their Facebook page in response to the euthanasia of the animals.  They also provided the 12 weeks of training when the dogs were sold.  And, finally, the group says it is especially important to remember that Eastern Securities is an American company and that both Bill Baisey and Tony Touchet have American passports.

The photos below depict the conditions of the dogs, ribs showing, indicating what others have reported that the dogs were not properly fed.


A dog handler poses with for a picture depicting the horrible way the Shepherds were killed.  At the lower half of the picture attests to the accusations that the animals were not properly fed and cared for by the American company Eastern Securities.  


Mina Abdullah, Kuwait.  The facility where over 100 trained dogs, many German Shepherds were housed.  On the other side is a make-shift grave as 24 canines were buried.  Sources close to the investigation say the dogs were given a chemical formula that caused suffering as the animals died. 

graphic005This mound of dirt is where the 24 German Shepherds were buried.  Sources close to the story say you could smell the stench of the rotting corpses as many of the dogs were exposed to the desert Kuwaiti heat.


Photo taken 06-17-2016 by a reporter.  No one actually knows for sure how many dogs were killed.  The reporter counted 24 corpses in the make shift grave.



Many of the pictures are simply too graphic to upload.  According to one source close to the investigation, the German Shepherds were given an injection formula that caused suffering to the animals before they expired.  The animals were not euthanized by a trained licensed veterinarian, but were killed by a handler with no experience or medical training.

They killed those dogs with a very bad chemical formula that cause big agony for dogs before they die


This is the first article of many more to come.  More handlers and employees of Eastern Securities are coming forward speaking of the atrocities and the deplorable conditions at that facility.

Please help get this information in the mainstream news.

The telephone number to Eastern Securities didn’t work when I tried to call and the email address came back as undeliverable.



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