#NCDP Uses Rolesvile High for SEC Meetings

  • Multiple incidents involving Rolesville High students and school resource officers surface;
  • NCDP uses Roleville High to hold SEC meetings;
  • As many of the candidates running for top NCDP offices admonish the incident the front-runner for Chair uses the incident to point out political differences between Democrats and Republicans.

A few days ago, two kids who attend Rolesville High School contacted me on Twitter and asked me to look into the documented abuse of resource officers at Rolesville High School.

In the videos, one female teenager was picked up and body slammed to the ground when she was trying to break up a fight between two other girls in an open area close to a break area.

According to N&O reports and from kids who know of the incident Officer Ruben De Los Santos lifting Jasmine Darwin into the air and dropping her to the floor before leading her away from a crowd of students at Rolesville High School.

Darwin suffered a concussion and was in and out of consciousness for a period of time after the altercation.

The officer has been placed on paid leave pending an SBI investigation.

The other video sent to me later showed a male teenager pepper sprayed after he was pulled off a school bus and taken to the ground and handcuffed.

Since I was contacted the first video has gone viral and has been on CNN, U.S. A. Today and many other mainstream media networks. #rolesvillehigh video and link to hashtag #rolesvillehigh

The NCDP Connection:

The North Carolina Democratic Party holds SEC meetings at Rolesville High. And, pays money for the use of the venue.

I posted a comment on Facebook and tagged many of the candidates running for Democratic top positions in an effort to their response to the tragic incident considering the NCDP pays the high school for holding meetings at that venue.

At issue is a debate over whether the party should continue to hold meeting at that location.

Veleria Levy – candidate for 1st Vice Chair has been tagged in several of the Facebook post circulating around about the SRO and the kids involved.

levy-oneSome of Levy’s comments include:


Another candidate for 1st Vice Chair, Grace Galloway had this to say in a Facebook post:


Galloway has been one of the more vocal candidates admonishing the way the SRO abused is power.  Other’s have chimed in also.

AMarshall Adame, a candidate for Chair of the NCDP weighed in on the comments:


Adame ran for NCDP chair in 2015 against Patsy Keever – then the front runner and establishment Dem endorsed by Jim Hunt.

But, right after this post, came the front runner candidate from NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin.  He’s the former Commissioner of Insurance who lost his election to 5 time GOP candidate Mike Causey.

levy-one007Goodwin has been endorsed by the same politicos who supported and endorsed Patsy Keever in her 2015 election.  During her term, North Carolina Democrats lost the Council of State (including Goodwin’s seat) while the GOP maintained their super majorities in the NC House and Senate.  Other Democratic incumbents barely squeaked by such as Elaine Marshall (Secretary of State) who won by only 40,000 votes and NC State Auditor Beth Wood who won by only 2,500 votes.  Governor Roy Cooper won by approximately 10,000 votes after legal maneuvering of recounts.

The next Democratic SEC meeting will be February 11, 2017 –  the same day as the NC-NAACP’s history HKonJ event which was scheduled in advance of this SEC meeting.  The Democratic party will elect new officers who will run the party for the next two years as  two elections loom in North Carolina: the special election in 2017 (the NCGA has until March 15th to remap 28 districts) and the regular elections in 2018.  Perhaps more importantly to progressives in the sate – the next Chair and 1st Vice Chair of the NCDP will have automatic votes on the DNC to elect the next national Chair at the end of February in Atlanta.

Janice Covington, another candidate for Chair of the NCDP said this:

I’ve posted this video on the secret Facebook group for SEC members.  It breaks my heart to see young people abused in this or any other manner.  I personally know what it’s like to be abused.  This should not happen to children.  I hope all the candidates speak out.  But, if they don’t – then I will.

Sadly, there is more to the story: other incidents have occurred at Rolesville including a child who was forced off a bus and subsequently pepper sprayed after he was taken down by school resource officers.

Veleria Levy replied as follows:

I know there has been quite a bit of concern and disgust over what has happened to the 2 students at Rolesville High School and the fact that our SEC Meeting is being held there. As the 2nd VC, I wanted to address this personally.

Our Deputy ED Doug Wilson looked into the possibility of being able to move the meeting if our Chair decided that is something she wanted to do, however that option is not available logistically. Also due to the time constraints of the upcoming DNC, it just can’t happen.

From what we have been shown, this is disgusting! However, as citizens of NC, we should allow the investigation to happen and make sure we stay on top of it.

I will say that this issue does further support my concern over police officers in schools and the legislation surrounding that. I will personally continue to work against this and try to help find a balance that works for all parents, students & teachers. We as members of the NCDP can work with legislators to support legislation to protect our children & our teachers while also making sure that all are safe.

Please continue to speak out independently to your concerns about this. The more constructive “noise” we make around this issue, the better. I do look forward to seeing everyone at the SEC Meeting on February 11th

Update:  right after this article was posted, Doug Wilson, the deputy director of the NCDP, called me and said a statement would be coming out this afternoon regarding the Roleville incident.

And, the NC ACLU posted the following statement on Twitter a few minutes ago:


Veleria Levy also posted this on her Facebook page soon after:


More Twitter updates:


About George Fisher

George is a freelance writer, an author and a Democratic political consultant. He has worked as Deputy Communications Director for a Senatorial campaign and Campaign Manager for several NC House races and one congressional race. He previously worked as a news producer for a local television station.
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