Chinese investors are picking other assets over stocks

Chinese investors are putting their money in a lot of places. That rarely means stocks

  • Chinese investors in public funds will likely increase their investments in fixed income products in the next five years, while allocation to stocks will remain relatively low, according to John Ott, Shanghai-based partner at Bain.
  • The country’s high net worth investors prefer private funds to stocks, money managers say.
  • China’s asset management market may soon become the second largest in the world, analysts predict.

Source: Chinese investors are picking other assets over stocks

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Democrats – Careful what you wish for

Many don’t know the name Tom Steyer, but you’ve probably seen his ads on TV.  He’s the billionaire former hedge fund manager pushing the narrative to impeach Donald Trump. According to political insiders, Steyer is set to add another $10 million to his war chest through two political organizations: Need to Impeach and NextGen America.

This will bring is total to around $110 million dollars so far.  And, rumor is it could be a whole lot more between now and November.

Democrats, be careful what you wish for.  Back during the Obama administration, there were several congressmen calling for the president’s impeachment–including Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC).  It never went anywhere, but then again, no one ever ran a media campaign to the tune of $110 million dollars to do it, either.

Imagine what might happen if the big pocket Republican donors woke up and followed Steyer’s template?  Oh, my.

Is this where you really want to lead the country?  I hope not.  Then again, Democrats are acting like they’ll never have another presidential election winner.

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The Lack of Outrage over Sarah Jeong, NYT’s Reporter Tweets Rasist Tweets Toward White People

Despite an apology from New York Times reporter Sarah Jeong.  Despite the New York Times bending over backward to come to her defense.  Despite mainstream media’s attempt to include all sides in the reporting, this story lasted less than a typical 24-hour news cycle.

Sarah Jeong

The New York Times maintains that they do not condone what she said. But, they do take into consideration her attempt at “counter-trolling” whatever that means.  Jeong is a Berkeley graduate and went to Harvard Law School.  At best, this sounds like all lawyered up attempt at some kind of reconciliation. A journalistic get out of jail card.

Sarah Jeong002

Sarah Jeong003

I’m certainly not condoning Roseanne Barr for her Twitter post. It was tasteless and it wasn’t very funny. But who has more credibility or power: a Harvard educated New York Times reporter or a sitcom star?

Why do I get the feeling that as long as your racism and bigotry is against white people, in this case, old point men, you have an out? An excuse. A reason for doing what you do, because after all, it’s only white people.

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AKA: The Arrogance of the Supreme Court justices -“Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggests she has five more years on the Supreme Court” – CNNPolitics

Here’s a blurb from Anderson Cooper’s 360:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she hopes to stay on until at least the age of 90. As for retiring or term limits, Ginsburg said there’s no chance.

It really should not surprise me to see an abundance of arrogance on the Supreme Court by liberal-leaning justices nominated by Democratic presidents.  To be fair, I have seen it on the right also.

Should there be term limits?  Absolutely.  Regardless of your take on Roe v. Wade, or whether you think it is settled law, there is a shelf life for members who occupy a seat on the highest court in the land.  And, as far as Roe v. Wade, do you really want the right to privacy relitigated every twenty or so years?  Or, does one’s right to privacy mean the same as it did in the 1970s in today’s age of social media and public access to information?

Or, at least there should be.  Why?  You don’t have to go back that far in history to research that the life expectancy of a Justice was a little less than it is now.  Technology and medicine have come a long way.  Albeit, a good thing, not all people are created equal at least in terms of health.  I’d argue that Reagan had the beginnings of Alzheimer’s before he left office.  And, although I’m not singling out any particular justice I do know a little bit about dementia. Both my dad and my mom had dementia and my grandmother suffered and died from Alzheimer’s. Sadly people who have these types of illnesses are the last to know. Minimalizing and bargaining away the severity of the illness as part of the disease process. It’s also part of Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ stages of death.

Term limits would be instrumental in sustaining a court and at the same time making it less politicized.  It would also ensure the integrity of the renderings of the court. A generational turnover of justices would in many ways ensure that the pendulum of justice did not swing so far in one direction or another.

Source: Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggests she has at least five more years on the Supreme Court – CNNPolitics

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I’m Not Sipping this Kool-Aid Just Yet.Les Moonves, CBS Chief, Faces Inquiry Over Misconduct Allegations – The New York Times

Nope.  I’m not buying it.  Especially after talking to a #MeToo advocate today who said this: “Yes, if a few innocent men fall because of #MeToo, it’s a small price to pay.”

I have interviewed many attorneys over the years. Almost all of them have expressed the notion that if one innocent person is convicted of a crime they did not commit, that is one too many.

I consider myself a #MeToo advocate.  Anyone regardless of gender, who is accosted, victimized or assaulted in any way should be able to come forward without fear.  But, after 20+ years?  I’m just not inclined to take it at face value without some skepticism.

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Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump – Kindle by Jerome R. Corsi. 

Here’s an interesting summer read.  Is there such a thing as the ‘deep state?’ Many people believe so.

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Looking for an interesting book to read this weekend?  Check out “The Russia Hoax” by Gregg Jarret.


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