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NC Gov. Roy Cooper Endorses former Ins. Commissioner Wayne Goodwin For NCDP Chair

Cooper endorses failed NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin over 3 other candidates; The last time a sitting governor endorsed a state party chair was back during Bev Perdue’s administration; Modernizers versus traditionalists at the expense of those who can least afford it. … Continue reading

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Read my article in American Lens “NC Dem Party Hispanic Chair Draws Heat over Eudy Comment”

American Lens …Adame went on to state that he’s not willing to pay any price to become Chair, and he admits it may be an uphill battle. Within the North Carolina Democratic Party, integrity isn’t a highly sought out characteristic: … Continue reading

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McCrory Conceded—But NC Democrats Have No Reason To Gloat. @Montel-Williams Tells NC Writer To Kill Herself? What the . . .

It is getting to where it’s embarrassing to be a Democrat these days in North Carolina.  Even when we finally win a race, we are shooting ourselves in the foot after crossing the finish line. Continue reading

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Why Are NC Dems So Dysfunctional? Don’t Hate The Player-Hate The Game.

Raleigh—NC.     Four years ago, North Carolina Democrats were handed their collective asses.  We lost the trifecta: the House, the Senate and the Governor’s Manson.  The Democrats had been in power since reconstruction, then all of a sudden we were hit … Continue reading

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