I’m not dead, yet!

I’ve had many email over the past few weeks wishing me a speedy recovery from my heart attack.

Thanks to all who have sent well wishes.

I’ll be back soon – I’m not dead . . . yet!  :)

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Kindle Screwed Self-Help Authors

A quick story:

The big multi-billion dollar corporation, Amazon, has changed the way they pay independent authors who write self-help.

Under the old system, called Kindle Unlimited 1.0, authors who wrote shorter books of twenty to fifty pages were paid around $1.35 per book if it was borrowed in Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon started Kindle Unlimited a few years ago, charging customers $9.99 per month to read as many books as they wanted.

What was good about it?  Many authors were writing very good self-help and how-to books that condensed down the padding many publishers like to see.

Traditional publishers want 300 page books because they’ve conditioned readers into thinking larger content means more worth.

It does not.

But, they get authors to pad books with “this is the story of Jenny and she overcame (blah, blah, blah).  I can do without the padding – in fact, I think it takes away from the book.

When KU 1.0 hit, many authors jumped at the chance to write REAL books that gave good information and were quick reads.

I was one of those authors.

Since the advent of Kindle Unlimited 2.0, authors are now paid one half cent per page.  So, a forty page book will yield me now, not the $2.08 as in KU 1.0, but 20 cents.  That’s hardly worth the time and effort to sit in front of a computer for hours researching and writing.

It’s not just self-help and how-to authors like myself – it’s all indie authors: erotic, romance, thriller, and horror short story writers.

The worst part (assuming this isn’t bad enough)

Many authors were starting to make cash – enough cash to do this full time.  Many authors I have spoken with love writing and helping others through their books.  But, not – it’s just not economically feasible to spend the time publishing when so many books are on the market and you make so little.

There are many ways to read up on how to do something, many ways to get self-help information but Amazon was a go-to source for many readers.

I personally know of several authors who are pulling out.  Some are going wide (distributing with B&N and other outlets) but others are just pulling out of the business, entirely.

It’s a shame and an example of how Amazon has gotten so big that they don’t blink over the fallout and what their actions do to other people – including authors.

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What the Frick? How ALL of this could have been avoided.

A. P. Dillon’s post yesterday is a scathing, and in depth piece on the corruption that is occurring behind the scenes in the NCDP.

The story centers around a twenty-one year old Democratic 8th congressional chair, who is plagued with  issues like multiple voting records, two NC district locations, proxy manipulation of voting in internal NC Democratic elections; as well as a slate of interactions with law enforcement, and a pending charge of alleged domestic violence.

On three separate occasions, members of the 8th CD contacted the Officers of the North Carolina Democratic Party and filed formal complaints to remove Dylan Frick.

One for the complaints had at least 22 signatures.

In order for complaints to move forward, in the NC Dem Party, they must first go before the Officers of the Party, in order to determine the weight of the matter.

Chairwoman Patsy Keever. is ultimately responsible for keeping this twenty one year old in his position of power and there is no way to overlook the error of her jugement.  She’s the boss of the NCDP, and she could have moved this issue to it’s logical conclusion.  She could have done it quietly and in a timely matter.  But, she decided otherwise.

If she had, I doubt any of Mr. Frick’s issues would have ever come to light, and I doubt the Republicans would be having this field day.  I’ve already had several tell me, “See, THIS is why we need a voter ID. This is what’s wrong with your Party.”

Keep in mind, that North Carolina Democrats didn’t move this issue forward.  Apparently, Mr. Frick pissed off some South Carolina College Democrats, when he was voting in Charleston. They found out he was elected the Chair of the 8th Congressional District, they started an email campaign and now we have this mess.

But, now that the cat is out of the bag, we’re aware of his failure to complete his probation.  And, there is no way the Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party could have not known about this and his criminal record.

Especially, in a presidential year, these are not the things we need to fight against as Democrats.

Not only has Chairwoman, Patsy Keever mishandled the Dylan Frick issue, but she mishandled the removal of the head of the judicial body of the NCDP: Mr. John Brooks.

Not only has she mishandled those two issues, in what I consider ethical violations in the Party’s Plan of Organization, but she mishandled a matter in the 3rd congressional district concerning Chris Hardee who was Chair of the NC 03,  and she manipulated the Executive Council in rendering an inadequate decision over the matter of his removal.

Some members of the Executive Council of the NCDP are respected politicians.  So, it would seem the Chair of the NCDP has no problem manipulating elected officials to do her bidding.

The Democratic members of the Council of State need to have a serious sit-down conversation with  Patsy Keever.  Or, pretty soon, we won’t have a Democratic Party left in N.C.

Her mishandling of internal Democratic matters will ultimate spell doom for any candidate running.  As long as Patsy Keever is Chair of the NCDP, I hope Roy Cooper has a rabbit’s foot in his pocket.

No wonder the DSCC, after all the good people they’ve flown to DC and talked with, can’t find anyone to run against Richard Burr.

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Corruption In The 8th District of NC Dem Party?

George Fisher:

I’ve been hearing about this since March – a petition to remove with 22 signatures that never made the light of day thanks to the NCDP Officers. Patsy never did respond to A.P. Dillion, maybe another reporter can get through, or maybe the SBOE.

Originally posted on Lady Liberty 1885:

One has to wonder what is going on in the Democrats 8th congressional district when the Democrats in that district seek me out to help them.

Local Democrats are using words like ‘mystery’, ‘corruption’ and ‘criminality’ in 8th district, which centers around 21 year-old Dylan Frick, who was made Chairman of that district this year.

Apparently, there have been 3 complaints filed against Frick by members of his district. Two when he served as Vice Chair in 2014 and one requesting his removal as 8th district Chairman in 2015, signed by no less than 22 local Democrats.

All of the complaints were dismissed by state Democratic party officials.

The most recent complaint, dated May 18th, 2015, levels some serious charges:

  • Violations of NC Democratic Party rules regarding voting and district residency
  • Procuring and voting by proxy using 6th district SEC member and former legislator Kenneth Marcus Brandon’s form and voting as himself…

View original 543 more words

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We’ve seen too big to fail before and it led to sharecropping

If Bernie Sanders ideas are not put into legislation, America will be worse off than ever before.  We need to face the fact that there is no real middle-middle class anymore; you’re either upper middle or lower middle.

We’ve seen too big to fail before: in railroads, utilities, telecommunications, steel and the like.  Only by breaking up the monopolies can America and the middle class survive.

If not, we’re return to the days of sharecropping.  We’ll call it something else – but make no mistake it will be corporate sharecropping for the rest of us.

Back in the 30s and 40s, there were those among the sharecroppers who believed in the system because one day they hoped to own their own farm.

Work hard, save your money and one day, you too, can own a farm of your own and have a chance of accumulating wealth.

The problem was the system was set up to fail the sharecroppers.  They couldn’t save money and there was no meaningful chance at moving up the ladder.

But, the mindset was still burred deep down that the system was good – the poor just needed to work harder to succeed.   It doesn’t work that way.  It never has worked that way – it’s a failed concept that people can move ahead with nothing.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s debate.  Will we hear actually solutions or will we hear “I want to make American great again?”  Because, saying you want to make America great isn’t the same as having a plan to make America great.

You can’t wish it into being – you have to enact it with laws.

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The Donald Keeps Leading The Pack

donaldYou can love him, you can hate him, you can call him all sorts of names.  But, Donald Trump is still leading the pack with 26% to Jeb’s 20%.

The other Republicans aren’t even close right now.  And, it’s unlikely that will change anytime soon.  Why?

For one thing, Donald knows who his audience is and he’s speaking to them.  He’s speaking to Republicans who vote.  And, they vote hard.  If the United States was in the middle of a hurricane, winds blowing–tree limbs snapping –  Republicans would be out dodging electrical wires to get to the polls.

Democrats, on the other hand, would be sitting at home watching it on MSNBC.

It’s laughable, but it’s true.  Democrats find reasons not to vote on election day while Republicans are more likely to pull the plugs from the ICU beds and crawl to their polling place – with ID in hand.

But, above all else, people – all people not just Republicans – are tired of the same old politicians saying the same things and getting absolutely nothing done.  It’s unlikely Donald Trump could actually build a wall around the southern U.S. and get Mexico to pay for it, but by God – you want that wall – you need that wall!

Trump is saying the things that ring true to many Americans even if they don’t have the facts to back it up.  China is out performing us, and we Americans think the rest of the world see us as a  laughing stock.

They like Trump because in their hearts they want American to be great again.  They want to build big things and shoot to the moon like we did in the 60s.  They want a president that cheers us on with great speeches that give us goosebumps.

We haven’t had that in a long time.  Whether or not Trump can actually win or whether he has the political acumen to be president is another story.  But, the Republican voters at least like the fact Donald’s cheering.

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Tata’s out of the DOT – so what’s the deal? Jones, Trump, Ellmers and Taylor Griffin

tony tata for NC DOT head with Gov. Pat McCrory

Photo courtesy of NC Policy Watch

The NC 03?

Currently held by the long time and old Republican Walter Jones.  He’s unliked by both the RNC and the DNC.  He votes like a schizophrenic terrier – you never know where he’ll land on an issue.

Jones’ challenger in the Primary will be Taylor Griffin.  Griffin came within inches of unseating Jones in the Primary in 2014.  Griffin announced a few weeks ago and I wish him luck and support. He has an impressive political resume having interned for Jesse Helms and working at the Treasury Department with an emphasis on international monetary policy.  

Tata made some moves and actually thought about running in the NC 03.  I doubt that will happen now that Griffin has thrown his hat into the ring.  But, Tata has a big ego – so, you never know what he may do.

Speaking of Tata’s ego – he’s going to work for Donald Trump as a policy consultant.  No doubt Trump needs a retired general as he tries to back away from his McCain blunder.

But, Tata will not be his man for long.  The two together are too bullheaded and Donald is going to say what he wants the way he wants to say it.

It might would be more logical if Tata went up against Renee Ellmers.  The local Tea Party has been trying to unseat her since she voted for the debt ceiling years ago.  Rumor has it the Tea Party was eying Jim Womack to run against her.  Womack was appointed by McCrory to run the Energy and Mining Commission.  That’s the committee that will control fracking and the regulation that goes along with it.

Womack’s brother is a congressman from Arkansas and a local Tea Party favorite there.  But, Renee isn’t as vulnerable as she used to be.  She’s weathered some big storms both at home and inside the Beltway.  And, Tony Tata is, well let’s face it,  he’s out there.

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