• Behind the scenes, Democrats are worried about down ballot candidates and minority turnout;
  • The tweet that started it all;
  • More Trump fallout;
  • Did Trump use  the “N word” on Apprentice?


Democrats are worried minorities won’t show up at the polls on November 8th.   And, it’s almost impossible for the BlueTeam to win without the African American vote.

But, the buzz isn’t about the Access Hollywood video bomb in where Trump was overheard bragging about sexually assaulting women – the buzz is about possible Apprentice audio of Trump using the “N word” in a rant about President Barack Obama.

A Chris Nee tweet that has since been deleted signaled what may bring African Americans to the polls.

Nee is an award winning producer not connected to the Apprentice, but he is in the know when it comes to what may be clips of Trump on the cutting room floor.

On Monday, an NBC/WSJ poll shows that Trump is down 11 points with less than 29 days in the election cycle.  And, Paul Ryan, the ranking Republican and House Speaker pushed away from TeamTrump saying he can no longer defend the GOP nominee.



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WRAL’s NC Capitol Account Issues Apology Over “Accidental” Tweet

Lady Liberty 1885

Yesterday, this site reported on the WRAL affiliated NC Capitol Twitter account’s retweet of a Tweet by the North Carolina Democratic party:


Late yesterday afternoon, the NC Capitol account issued an apology, claiming the tweet was “a mistake” and “accidental”. The apology also claims that “neither reporter from NC Capitol was tweeting that night and it was a member of their “staff” instead.

Here’s the apology Tweet:

The text of the apology blamed testing on an unnamed social media tool as the reason for the retweet.

It’s unclear what reporters use the NC Capitol account, however the two reporters who usually cover political news at the Capitol and General Assembly are Laura Leslie and Mark Binker.

After the Orlando terror attack, Leslie came under fire for controversial remarks made on Facebook. National media watchdog outlet Newsbusters picked up on Leslie’s multiple…

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Gee, WRAL’s @NCCapitol Account Finally Shows Some Transparency – #ncpol #vpdebate

What media bias?

Source: Gee, WRAL’s @NCCapitol Account Finally Shows Some Transparency – #ncpol #vpdebate

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We need to forget the idea that Hillary has this election in the bag—she does not.  We need to forget the fact that she is up, on average, three points in the polls.  We need to forget that fivethirtyeight gave Hillary a 75% chance of winning this election.

Remember, it was fivethirtyeight which gave Donald Trump a less than 16% chance of getting out of the Republican primary, let alone winning it.  It is not inconceivable that Trump could win the election in November.  So. . . .

We need to start asking ourselves some very serious questions about Donald Trump.  And we need to put the politics aside, as well as our personal belief systems, and have an honest and factual conversation.

Say, for example, that Donald Trump does win.  Get used to saying that over and over in your head: President Donald Trump.  Does the sound of those words give you comfort or does it scare the living hell out of you?  Be honest with your answer because your mortgage, your car payment, your retirement or your Social Security may well depend on your answer.

We need to face the reality of what four years of a Donald Trump presidency would actually mean to America and to the rest of the world.  And, I’m more concerned about us than I am the rest of the world.

The mindset of: ‘I’d rather have him than Hillary.’

I have friends who will vote for Donald Trump simply because they can’t stand Hillary Clinton.  They don’t like her. They don’t want the Clinton dynasty back in the White House, and they think her baggage outweighs her advantages.  Some people, not just Republican, think Hillary Clinton is crooked in the ways she has handled herself with her emails, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and a host of other issues.

Hillary Clinton simply does not come across as trustworthy.  From an ideological standpoint, over 80% of people likely to vote in November believe that trust and honesty should play a part in determining a candidate’s worth.  Meanwhile, Fact Checker pointed out that over 91% of what Donald Trump has said in the past had either been somewhat or completely untrue.

However, for all I know, their concerns may be completely accurate and justified.  Alternatively, these opinions may be skewed by the information they get from various media outlets.  In our American propaganda machine –fueled by a 24-hour news cycle, there’s more than enough information regurgitated over the air about both candidates to turn most people off.

I’ve said this many times before, in other election cycles, voters fall in love with their candidate and then go out and find facts to validate why they like that particular person – not the other way around. Voters vote with their hearts, not their heads. 

A recent PEW Research study found that less than 38% of the voters polled liked any of the two candidates running in our two-party system.  Those numbers have never been that low in PEW Research history.

I leave out Johnson and Stein simply because they have yet to gather sufficient support to make it into a debate – let alone gathered enough support to win the presidential election outright. 

My quest here is not to bash Hillary or Trump but to point out that, for the first time, in at least modern history, voters will not be happy going to the polls.  And it’s not insignificant that millions of Bernie Sanders supporters will be factored into this election cycle one way or another.

If millennials do not vote for Hillary, or if they sit out of the election process and not go to the polls they will be making a statement.  Albeit, a statement not conducive to a favorable Democratic outcome, especially as it concerns the down ballots in our local elections.

However, now we come to a point in this election cycle where we need to start asking ourselves some very serious and honest questions about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has never run for political office in his life.  He has absolutely no track record that we can hold up to scrutiny to judge his political decision-making ability or the type of administration he would have and the people who would lend him the benefit of their opinion.

Those issues are particularly important, because were Trump to make the wrong decisions, listen to the wrong advice or appoint the wrong cabinet in his administration, it could have dire consequences for everyone in this country.

This is not to say that Hillary Clinton would be immune from making mistakes as president, but she at least has a track record, good or bad, that we can reference in an effort to make our estimation of what she would do if the chips were down.

Benghazi may or may not have been a mistake when she was Secretary of State.  I’m not necessarily in a position to judge the totality of the evidence that has been aired excessively on all the media outlets.  Nevertheless, even if Benghazi was a mistake that, by itself, would not necessarily put Donald Trump in a position of superiority regarding international affairs.

The lesser of two evils

For me, it comes down to one simple issue: the Supreme Court of the United States.  By now, it is obvious that President Obama will not be able to secure his nomination to fill the seat left by Justice Scalia.  It’s a shame because his pick for the High Court is not a progressive nominee– he actually picked a moderate from the articles I’ve read.

Even so, the next president will be tasked with at least one Supreme Court nomination, and considering the age of some of the Justices, maybe more.  There was an article in the Washington Post, a few months ago, that suggested the next POTUS could possibly appoint as many as three Justices over the next four years.

America has seen what can happen when ultraconservative Justices with strict interpretational ideology outweigh not only the progressive outlook of the court, but middle-of-the-road moderates.  We wind up with dangerous legislation like Citizens United.  We end up with an interpretation that corporations are people too.  And last year, ultraconservative justices reversed some of the most important Civil Rights legislation in America’s history.

No, Hillary was not my first choice; she wasn’t my second choice, but she is my last choice.  And I will vote for her on Election Day.  The stakes are just too high, and the issues are too great to be left in the hands of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric

I’ve listened to over four hours of Donald Trump on YouTube and various social media outlets.  Some of what he says actually rings true and was part of Bernie Sanders’ revolutionary theme: the middle class is shrinking in America; there aren’t enough good-paying jobs to go around for everyone. No one should have to go bankrupt because they can’t afford their medical care, no one should have to die because they can’t afford medication, and yes, America has a responsibility to educate our young people without the need of carrying massive student loan debt for years to come.

I like the fact that Donald Trump is an underdog and continues to be ostracized by the political establishment.  That’s one of the things I liked about Bernie Sanders.  Unfortunately Donald Trump has no meaningful plan, he has no evocative agenda other than to glorify himself, and he has previously said that he would appoint ultraconservatives to the Supreme Court.  That, in and of itself, should disqualify him to any reasonable thinking individual who believes in democratic principles.

A few days ago, for the first time in 34 years, USA Today ran an op-ed piece of an anti-endorsement of Donald Trump.  It speaks volumes not so much about Hillary Clinton, but about the devastation Donald Trump could do to America if he were elected president.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Bernie Sanders twice.  I had a conversation with him that lasted several minutes.  I would be the first one to admit that Bernie was not treated fairly in the Democratic primary.  I also admit that, at some point, Bernie supporters have a bone to pick with the DNC – especially in light of the emails that were exposed a few days before the Democratic National Convention.

The truth of the matter: if progressives are to have any chance at moving America forward, at moving the Democratic platform and the agenda set forth by the DNC to something other than just a document written on paper – we will have to do it with a Democratic president and not Donald Trump.

A Donald Trump presidency would set America’s progressive movement back 50 years or more considering the rhetoric and comments he has detailed in his campaign speeches.

His nominations to the SCOTUS would set us back to the Stone Age.

I know some people cringe when they see the word ‘progressive.’  The word, by itself, has a mislabeling effect and it’s been used so much and by so many people that it has probably lost its meaning.  I see myself as a FDR progressive, meaning that we need a new deal in America in an effort to bring back an almost nonexistent middle-class.

And I think we need to put an end to the race baiting that has dominated this campaign cycle.  Any reasonable thinking person should be able to understand that black people in America, simply by nature of their skin color, have a predisposition of getting hurt and killed when they are approached by law enforcement.

And, unfortunately too many white people take a lackadaisical approach to racial issues because they feel it doesn’t directly concern them or their family.

Instead of taking an opportunity to actually talk about race inequality in America, it seems both of these candidates have a propensity to politicize the issue using it as a crutch to enhance their own political agenda.  Hillary seems more concerned about using police shootings as a means to attract the black vote, while Donald Trump is using the issue to gather support of law enforcement.

It isn’t political when a black person gets gunned down in the street: it is tantamount to murder.  And until we start treating it as murder, until all people start to speak out about it and rise up to face the injustice – it will keep happening again and again and again.






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A Follow-up From Yesterday’s Story

Yesterday I wrote a story about a transgender activist who was admonishing the Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina over their fundraising activities centered around HB2.

You can read the story here.

Today, I came back to Facebook and I found this comment attached to the link of my article on her (Janice Covington’s) Facebook page.


So apparently, at least one LGBT activist is calling HRC and Equality NC’s corporate lobbying efforts “effective anti-HB2 countermeasures.”  She goes on to point out that the removal of basketball and football games as well as PayPal’s removal of a planned new building is a direct result of HRC working at a higher level that’s often difficult to achieve.
For the record, North Carolina has lost thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars since March 2016.  The North Carolinians that would have supplied those jobs have families to support, mouths to feed  and a roof to keep over their heads.
How can anyone purport that stagnating North Carolina’s economy, or affording the effort to stagnate North Carolina’s economy is a good thing.  I read somewhere that that is not what activism is all about: unfortunately that is what power is all about.
The job of political organizations, and in this case a Democratic political organization, is to promote and enhance job opportunity in the region.  Activism that attempts to sabotage local and regional efforts to bring jobs into North Carolina seems to me contrary to what the organization is all about – especially an organization like the North Carolina Democratic Party, or activist organizations like HRC and Equality NC.
Have we gone so far down the road to oblivion that power grabs and impersonal vindication is more important than the well-being of our state’s financial security for everyone.  Or does Equality NC and HRC not think that members of the LGBT community won’t suffer because of their power grabbing tactics?
And let’s say for example that they are successful in this political cycle, what will happen the next time they don’t get their way?  Will they stage another coup? Maybe next time against Democrats?
The comments that I have seen certainly support Janice Covington’s argument that not only is there a gay agenda but there is a gay supremacy within North Carolina.  And, it is made up by a handful of people whose only aim is to gain power both within their own organizations and within the North Carolina Democratic Party.  And, apparently in the North Carolina General Assembly.
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Transgender Activist Says HRC and Equality NC are using HB2 to Fundraise

  • Covington argues that the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC are using HB2 to fundraise;
  • Calls HRC and Equality NC “Gay Supremacy.”

2.jpgJanice Covington was the first transgender elected to the DNC from North Carolina in 2012.  She was also appointed to serve on the credentialing committee at the DNC this past year in Philadelphia.  Now Covington comes forward with a scathing Facebook post confronting the Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina for using HB2 as a political fundraising opportunity.

Covington writes:

The Boycotts from HB2 Created a Gold Rush for our community and the Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina seized the opportunity pushing the local organizations out of the box once they realized the fundraising opportunity created by HB2.

She also goes on to question where the money is going from those fundraising venues such as concerts where proceeds from the ticket sales were earmarked to fight HB2.

We asked where the money went, because local orgs did not get any. We asked who is getting it from the concerts that dedicated there funds to fight against HB2, we asked for transparency and got no answer from either organization. …someone said Chad Griffin from the Human Rights Campaign was flying in for a press conference about HB2 with the city, I guess with his bank bag.

In her Facebook post, Covington goes on to say that collectively, HRC and Equality NC

…seem to project a message in their closed little world of Gay Supremacy…

And, Covington finishes her post by saying the two groups never share their money or information with anyone but themselves:

You see HRC and ENC are users and they will never share their information or money to help anyone but themselves, they are made up mostly of misogynist and vainglorious who feed on attention to aggrandize themselves.

Although Covington’s words may sound harsh, she is not the only Democrat in North Carolina who has voiced an opinion about an LGBT “gay agenda” or why Democrats seem so bent on using House Bill 2 as a political stunt.
Covington also admonishes the media, specifically WSOC, for their reporting of the Charlotte City Council meeting Monday night:
The news person reported that the council’s room during the meeting last night was PACKED with people from the Human Rights Campaign. This is a total lie.
North Carolina’s LGBT population is less than 4% statewide, yet they control a good amount of the internal structure of the North Carolina Democratic Party.
North Carolina has lost millions of dollars in revenue and many jobs have been lost.  This is prompted Democrats and Republicans to weigh the odds and how this bill will affect the November election.
Currently, Gov. Pat McCrory and Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper are virtually tied in North Carolina’s gubernatorial race.  A recent poll shows that Gov. McCrory is up 1.5 to 2% over Roy Cooper with 50 days to go until election day.
Some Democrats have voiced the opinion that using HB2 as a political maneuver to win in this election cycle may backfire.  Lady liberty 1885 has posted a good article with significant background information on the bill itself.
Some questions need to be asked now: have the Democrats gone to far in this election cycle to win back not only the governor’s mansion, but the state House and Senate?  And, is it too late to reverse the economic impact of HB2 should the Democrats win in November?
And, what about HRC and Equality NC: does the North Carolina Democratic Party give more weight to LGBT political party groups than other groups in the Party?
Below is the full Facebook comment Janice Covington wrote.



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Democrats at State Executive Council meeting came to a screeching halt last Saturday

  • The North Carolina Democratic Party had their final gathering before the November 2016 general election.
  •  Parliamentary procedure stopped Democrats in their tracks when a quorum call proved that not enough Democrats were convened to have the meeting.

Democrats, including guests and committee members, had planned for a full-day of events when they arrived at Rolesville high school on Saturday.  The NCDP had laid out an agenda of candidate speakers, resolutions and amendments to keep the crowd busy, but after two hours into the event a quorum call ended the meeting.

According to the North Carolina Democratic Party’s plan of organization 277 members of the state executive Council needed to be present to conduct the meeting and vote on the proposed amendments to the Democratic bylaws.  According to the headcount, only  245 committee members were in attendance.
That being said there were still some Democrats who were mad when the chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Patsy Keever, gaveled the meeting closed.  Some Democrats, like Wendy May from Johnson County who is running for County Commissioner took to Facebook to criticize the person who motioned for the quorum call.  Here’s what Wendy had to say:
But, there’s another side to the story as Democratic progressive advocate Chris Telesca pointed out in a comment:
Telesca asserts a point in his Facebook comment that many North Carolina Democrats have argued for years: that there is not enough timely notice of democratic subcommittee meetings and often the first time SEC members see amendments that deal with a change in the plan of organization is on the day of the meeting.
The former chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Randy Voller, chimed in by saying:

But that’s not the end of the story.  Gracie Galloway, the chair of the Asian American Pacific Islanders caucus, said this:


So there seems to be some underlying tension between Democrats not only over the amendments that were up for consideration on Saturday, but also of things that have happened in the past at SEC meetings.  Randy Voller added this for consideration:


And, Cliff Moone, the Chair of the NCDP Rules Committee, weighed in:


And, Grace Galloway responded:grace-galloway-002

Yes, there are some mad Democrats because the amendments did not get passed, but maybe the more important question is why so few Democratic SEC members show up at the meetings when they have a responsibility and an obligation to attend them.
And why were so many divisive amendments presented to the SEC just 50 days before the general election when the purpose of the North Carolina Democratic Party is to elect Democrats.
It would’ve been better to go out on a positive and enthusiastic note, energizing the Democrats that were there enabling them to help get out the vote between now and election day.
Instead of going out with a bang the Democratic Party gaveled out in a whimper.  And that doesn’t do anything to help us win elections.
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