Butterfield Disappointed in Senator Tillis for his Vote against North Carolina’s Own Loretta Lynch for United States Attorney General

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) 3today released the following statement regarding North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis’ vote against the nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General of the United States: 4

“I am deeply disappointed, as I’m sure many North Carolinians are, in Senator Thom Tillis’ vote this morning in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Senator Tillis voted against the nomination of North Carolina’s own, Loretta Lynch, for Attorney General of the United States, despite a successful 30-year legal career as a lawyer, prosecutor, and U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.  Senator Tillis had an opportunity today to be on the right side of history in supporting the nomination of Ms. Lynch, who would be the first African-American woman to serve as Attorney General. 

“The politics that Republicans have played with Ms. Lynch’s nomination is deplorable.  Ms. Lynch’s nomination has been pending for more than 100 days.  During this time she has been open and transparent, answering hundreds of questions requested by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Opposition to her nomination is nothing more than a political ploy by Republicans to once again use any means necessary to show their disdain for the President.

“It is disturbing that Senator Tillis is beginning his tenure in the Senate by casting such a misguided and politically calculated vote.  However, I’m confident that the full Senate will confirm Loretta Lynch, a daughter of North Carolina, as the next Attorney General of the United States.”   

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Charlotte Deputy Fire Chief Placed On Administrative Leave Over Transgender Post–But More Questions Swirl Around His Spending

As reported in Qnotes.com, Deputy Fire Chief, Jeff Dulin, was placed on administrative leave after he posted a transgender slur on Facebook. 

Dulin apologized for the insult—but questions still swirl over what some Charlotte officials are calling very bizarre happenings as a Charlotte internal audit points to Dulin’s reimbursements and overpayments—that until now never saw the light of day.

Asking not to be named, a Charlotte city official told me this morning, that an internal audit of the city’s fire department revealed Dulin charged the city for hotel, meals and airline fares he never took, to the tune of over $2500.

When it was discovered, Dulin was asked to pay the money back—with no questions asked, according to the source.

The whole thing sounds more like a cover up to me than anything else,” she said.  “If it had been me, they’d have already put me under the jail.”

“I don’t think he ever intended to pay any of that money back considering he was reimbursed for trips he never took,” the source continued.

Recently, Dulin—who’s been at the fire department for over 32 years—posted on Facebook a pic of a transder Bruce Jenner on a box of Fruit Loops.

In a press release sent out yesterday, transgender activist Janice Covington Allison called for Dulin to apologize and take responsibility for the insensitive post.

Allison wrote, “I am a retired Fire Chief, trained to save lives and property.  I am shocked that a fellow firefighter would do this.”

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Jury Selection in Jamie Hahn Murder Begins as Stories Surface of “Metrosexual” Ménages and Money Laundering

I didn’t even know what metrosexual meant—I had to look it up.  But, my emails were filled over the weekend with people wondering if the sleazy details swirling around this murder trial would make it’s way out into mainstream media.

Jonathan Broyhill is accused of stabbing Jamie Hahn 14 times and killing her.

Jury selection starts today

Legal sources keeping an eye on the trial say that if if a plea is reached you can expect to see it around the first 2-3 days of prosecution testimony.

A reporter from the N&O dropped a interesting blurb in her article about the beginning of the trial saying that “Broyhill’s Volvo was often parked at Hahn’s residence.”

In media language—that’s a way of throwing out the metrosexual ménage back story to see if it can catch fire.

In any event, if this case actually does go to trial—it will bring attention, not only to the possible back stories, but to the handling of over $4 million of money Jamie raised as a fundraiser including that of Amendment One money raised.

Updated at 10:58 am

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Mindsets of Voters Versus Politicos

You’re never going to change the mindset of the far right and you’re never going to change the mindset of the far left. 

We each preach to the converted while not paying attention to the middle of the road. 

Does Obama love America? Sure he does—you don’t get to be POTUS otherwise.  It’s a non issue for most armchair six o’clock news voters.

But, the far left have their non issues also.

In the end, most voters—especially the independents and unaffiliated—are apathetic because both sides treat them like cattle.

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Charlotte Nondiscrimination Ordinance Gets Ugly – Religious Groups Line Up

1I’m not pretending I know everything about this ordinance or the people surrounding it—but in a nutshell, here’s what’s going on according activists on both sides of the issues:

Religious activist in NC say they have a God given right to exercise their faith in public—and in their businesses, not just privately or in church. 

The nondiscrimination side of the argument—mostly spurred on by LGBT activists—say public businesses shouldn’t be able to discriminate based on religious ideology. 

Talking points and scenarios

A gay couple goes into a bakery to buy a wedding cake because they are getting married. Should the owner of the bakery be allowed to refuse service because he’s a Christian and doesn’t believe in gay marriage?

A lesbian couple takes their child to a pediatrician.  Should the doctor be allowed to refuse to treat the child because he’s a Christian and doesn’t like the lesbian’s lifestyle?

Bathroom issues: should a transgendered person be allowed to use the restroom of their expressed identity? Or should they be forced to use the bathroom of their biological identity? 

Before you answer for yourself—it get’s more complicated.  What if the transgendered person is post-op, meaning they have had the necessary surgery to completely change from their biological gender to their expressed gender. 

According to the religious activists who have teamed together to defeat Charlotte’s nondiscrimination ordinance, religious freedom is exactly that: freedom.  Freedom from doing business with those whom the business owner feels is unworthy.

The Players

Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of NC Values Coalition

Mark Creech, president of Christian Action League

Dave Kistler, president of the NC Pastors Network

Mark Harris, pastor of First Baptist Church of Charlotte

But, LGBT activists say it’s about safety and accommodation.  If a business is open to the public, advocates for equality believe business owners should not be allowed to discriminate against individuals with alternative lifestyles.

2Transgender activists such as Janice Covington Allison – who ran for the Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party say it’s a matter of safety—and possibly of life and death.

She points to the fact that transgender women are more likely to be accosted in male restrooms and she points to the fact that, to her knowledge, no one has ever been hurt when a transgender woman uses the female restrooms.

Covington-Allison points to the time when she was running for NCDP Chair against Patsy Keever, “we used the same restroom when we at the same events—and everything was fine.”

Janice Covington-Allison may be right about the safety issues concerning transgender women: although the statistics are sparse, transgender women have a higher incidence of being battered and/or killed than biological females.

Over 480 transgender women have been killed in the United States in the past 12 months—in what authorities say amount to hate crimes, many of those crimes are still unsolved.

The Outcome

Although it’s uncertain what the Charlotte city council will do, logically it stands to reason that they must address this issue of nondiscrimination in a reasonable way.

People who express their gender differently need to feel safe and be free from harm when using restroom facilities—given the fact transgender women are at a much higher incidence of being attacked and hurt, this city council now has the felt responsibility of doing the right thing and pass this ordinance with the restroom clause intact.

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#NCGOP Continues to Raise Tax on the Middle Class – Thank You Sen. Bob Rucho

The NC GOP is raising gas tax to the tune of $1.2 billion dollars at a cost of over $200 for the average NC driver.

Back in 2013 most Republicans ran on talking points of lower taxes—and, in fact, they have as long as your adjusted gross income in more than $600,000 a year.

Interestingly, North Carolina already has the 6th highest gas tax in the nation.

Other taxes the #NCGOP is pushing: taxing unearned bank mortgage reductions.  If they bank was willing to forgive a certain amount of your home loan – a 2007 law made that relief nontaxable; NC now wants to change that.

They also want to do away with tuition expense deductions—you can thank Sen. Bob Rucho and former Budget Director, Art Pope for that one.

If you’d like to show Bob your appreciation for raising your tax – below is his #NCGA contact information. 


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Patsy Keever – Build a Bridge Not a Wall

During Saturday’s election of Patsy Keever as the next Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party—I was a vote watcher for runner up Marshall Adame.

Although Keever gathered 368 SEC votes and won in the first ballot—there are some interesting things she and her supporters might want to consider.

1. Marshall Adame captured 170 SEC votes having campaigned only a month while spending no significant money in the campaign.  In contrast, Keever spent thousands and ran for state chair for over six months.  She also had heavy hitters like former Gov. Jim Hunt making phone calls for her. 

2. Keever did not sweep the state.  She did NOT take Mecklenburg or Wake Counties—Keever and Adame mostly split those counties as well as Cumberland.

Keever gathered significant votes in counties that caucused and voted as one—and in her home county of Buncombe. 

3. Keever also did not take a good portion of eastern North Carolina.  She, and Adame, split New Hanover while Adame swept Brunswick. 

4. Adame also took Onslow, Iredell and Dare. 

The Analysis

Keever will need to address and include minoritiesspecifically African Americans—in eastern North Carolina if she wants to win elections.

She needs to address those issues now—across the state—if she wants to win this election cycle. 

A good start would be to embrace Casey Mann in some meaningful way—both publicly and behind the scenes.  Mann has worked tirelessly embracing minority communities—and she is respected.

During the time Voller was Chair—over 30 new AAC’s were formed and they are active. 

The Blue Ballot worked.  If we really want to unify—build upon that and make it better. 

In the end, there are many bundlers and donors ready to invest in North Carolina if she is willing to reach out her hand and embrace the help that is being offered.

It’s time for both the progressives and the YD’s to put down their swords and work together. 

Keever won but how the county totals played out indicates we are a somewhat fractured Party in need of a clean start.  Take care in filling Goodwin House with those who will build bridges and not walls.

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