Blythe Haynes—Greensboro, NC Designer Wins National Award for Sustainable Housing Designs

blythe haynes

Blythe Hayes

Blythe Haynes, a Greensboro designer recently won a national award for her low cost sustainable design concepts on energy efficiency.
Haynes, 54, blends her time and work between residential and commercial projects.  But, her passion for residential housing has always been the main focus for her inspiration and ingenuity—Haynes has been designing homes for 34 years.

“I hate to see it happen, but there’s more people moving out of residential and into commercial fulltime these days.  When I started out, there were many residential design firms in Greensboro and all over North Carolina.  Today, there’s only a handful—or at least a handful that I know about, anyway.”




Haynes has designed homes not only in Greensboro, but throughout North Carolina and she is a national consultant in Design Processes.  Her projects on won her several “Best in Houzz, Best in Design” and “Best in Customer Satisfaction.”

Sustainable housing has gotten its fair share of press lately.  Elon Musk, of Tesla Motors Inc., chairs and plans to acquire SolarCity, Inc.—a company that builds solar roofing panels that look better and are more cost efficient than normal roofing.


cite: and

Haynes says, “I think you’re already seeing residential design concepts that incorporate great looking homes with cost efficient features.  And, it’s only going to skyrocket in the next five, ten and twenty years down the road—especially as new technology develops such as what Elon Musk is doing now.”

Haynes designs everything from “tiny houses” to multi-million dollar homes.  Her website is



Our Story

We have over 34 years experience. Since 1982 we have designed hundreds of projects ranging in size from 600 to 16,000 square feet.  Our projects have been built all over North Carolina, from the mountains to the coast: beach homes on Bald Head Island to mountain retreats near Boone, and entire communities in and around the Triad area.  Every project is important; every client is special, every project is an opportunity to be successful.

Our philosophy is very simple: Listen to what the client is saying, then do it within your allocated budget.  From the client’s initial visit, we believe communication is the key to successful design.  Using state of the art computer aided design and drafting techniques, we provide drawings, renderings, and models to help the client visualize their dreams and project innovations.

What is it like being in business for almost 35 years doing the same thing?

“I love it.  I wouldn’t do anything else.  And, every house I design I want it to be 100% perfect.  It takes time, and most of my clients understand that.  But, I’m not just designing or renovating a house; I’m designing or renovating a home.  I won’t stop or turn it out unless it’s 100% perfect. There are way too many people out there doing ‘cookie-cutter’ housing.  It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a 950 sq ft home or one over 10,000 sq. ft. – I want it done right.”

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McCrory Conceded—But NC Democrats Have No Reason To Gloat. @Montel-Williams Tells NC Writer To Kill Herself? What the . . .

It is getting to where it’s embarrassing to be a Democrat these days in North Carolina.  Even when we finally win a race, we are shooting ourselves in the foot after crossing the finish line.

I don’t think it should go unnoticed that millions of votes were cast in North Carolina’s gubernatorial election.  Rory Cooper won with a little over 10,000 votes after the recount: that is no mandate by any stretch of the imagination.  Keep in mind also we are 28 days post-election cycle. 

For the first time since I can remember, North Carolina Democrats lost their advantage in the Council of State.  Although that may not sound like a big deal to many people, North Carolina retains a Jacksonian-era system of divided executive power. In addition to the Governor, the nine Council of State members are elected statewide by the voters. The term “Council of State” harks back to the colonial-era Governor’s Council, which was essentially the upper house of the legislature, and then to a Council of State in the early years of statehood, which was appointed by the legislature and which curtailed the governor’s power.

And even when Democrats did not lose, their margins of victory were some of the closest I’ve ever seen in my 35 years of following politics.


NY Times

All of the Democrats for the North Carolina Court of Appeals lost the races.


NY Times

Maybe that’s why I was a little taken aback when Dave Miranda, the communications director for the North Carolina Democratic Party posted this:






Dallas Woodhouse is not my favorite person by a long shot—but considering the dismal effects of this election cycle on Democrats, a little grace and civility would go a long way.  Memo to Dave Miranda: this is not how we act when we win elections in NC. 

You might remember Miranda from the email exchanges between him and the DNC that were exposed on WikiLeaks.  Miranda spent a considerable amount of time with the DNC fundraising for Rory Cooper off the back of HB 2 (commonly referred to as the bathroom bill.) You can check out his WikiLeaks here.

The Montel side story:





For reasons I have yet to understand, @Montel_Williams made a threatening comment after a North Carolina writer Andrea Dillion said he had “not one iota of Grace.”

Montel fired back from a pervious post telling her “There’s an exhaust pipe with your name on it dear!” :





This is the same Montel Williams who is a former Marine and Navy serviceman and is a veterans spokesperson for suicide prevention.  Interestingly, Montel considers himself an “activist” but his only claim to fame was the “Montel Williams Show” in where he showcased a chain smoking fake psychic. 

Check out the HuffPost article:  Sylvia Browne: Dead Psychic’s Legacy Riddled With Failed Predictions, Fraud

It is embarrassing.  But it also shows how broken the North Carolina Democratic Party really is.

Although Montel Williams does not speak for the North Carolina Democratic Party, Dave Miranda does.  At least until the next chair is elected.  




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American Lens: Charlotte Observer Ignores Its History Of “Maligning Voters” In Hit Piece On McCrory

A new article by American Lens writer Sister Toldjah decries the controversy of mainstream media’s attempt to mix fact with opinion.  It also points to what many have come to see as a “not so hidden” hidden agenda of identity politics and the media’s reporting of it.



Screen shot from American Lens

You can read the original article here from American Lens.

The Charlotte Observer isn’t alone in their efforts.

During the Democratic primary, the Washington Post ran 16 negative articles on Bernie Sanders before Super Tuesday in 16 hours.

The day before the California primary – the Associated Press polled Democratic “Super Delegates” and called the primary nomination for Hillary Clinton.  The AP, under pressure, took the article down.  But, the damage had been done.  You can’t unring a bell.

It should not go unnoticed that Jeff Bezos, the billionaire CEO of Amazon, also owns the Washington Post.  He was a adamant supporter of Hillary Clinton and also of the Clinton Foundation.





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Sanders: “More Than Ever, It’s Our Revolution”

JoAnn Chateau

Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic Primary. Hillary Clinton lost the General Election. The Republicans will be in command of all three branches of government. Late Show host Stephen Colbert asks Bernie Sanders if he regrets the title of his new book, Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In.

Bernie replies, “More than ever, it’s Our Revolution.

Bernie Sanders has a strategy for pushing the Progressive movement forward. Let’s get on the stick!

Bernie Sanders: The Democrats Have To Become A Grassroots Party

Bernie Sanders: Now More Than Ever, It’s Our Revolution

Our Revolution by Bernie Sanders “In Our Revolution , Sanders shares his personal experiences from the campaign trail, recounting the details of his historic primary fight and the people who made it possible. And for the millions looking to continue the political revolution, he outlines a progressive economic, environmental, racial, and social justice agenda that will create jobs, raise wages, protect the…

View original post 37 more words

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Bourgeois Vandalism – Philadelphia City Attorney Caught on CCTV Spray Painting “F**k Trump”… — The Last Refuge

OK, this one is entirely priceless and apropos of everything liberal. Seriously folks, you just can’t make this stuff up. Philadelphia police posted a CCTV video asking for help in identifying two suspects who were caught on camera spray painting anti-Trump graffiti on an upscale grocery store in a Germantown suburb. One of the suspects […]

via Bourgeois Vandalism – Philadelphia City Attorney Caught on CCTV Spray Painting “F**k Trump”… — The Last Refuge

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Breaking News: France’s President Hollande Will Not Seek Re-election… — The Last Refuge

Socialism sucks. It does not matter how many versions or varieties of it are attempted, the outcome is the same… misery. The Les Deplorables are revolting…

via Breaking News: France’s President Hollande Will Not Seek Re-election… — The Last Refuge

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Hillary Clinton will end her campaign in Raleigh, North Carolina

hillaryHillary Clinton will make her official final campaign stop at a midnight rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, on November 8 in what her campaign is calling a “get out the vote” rally.

Up for grabs are North Carolina’s winner-take-all, 15 electoral college votes and a chance to take back North Carolina’s governor’s mansion with Rory Cooper.  Also, Deborah Ross is within striking distance to unseat United States Sen. Richard Burr.

According to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, over 2,800,000 voters have cast their ballots in early voting, which is about 41% of North Carolina’s total registered voters.
Women are outpacing men 1.6M to 1.2M – according to the early voting stats.  And, over 830,000 minority voters have already cast their ballots.
The highest turnout by age are voters between the age of 47 to 75.
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