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Absolutely and by far—there is one NCDP candidate running for 1st Vice Chair who ranks as the worst possible choice!

Many women are jockeying for the position to become the next 1st Vice Chair of the NCDP: Gwen Wilkins, Grace Galloway, Aisha Dew, Deborah Pollard and Sherry Eason.  The race is fluid—for all I know others may have thrown their hat into the ring and I’m simply unaware.

Veleria Levy—a well-established politico and current 2nd vice chair of the NC Dem Party pulled out of the 1st chair race when she got an incredible (and lucrative) career promotion.

Levy and I have not seen eye-to-eye on several issues—but I have always supported her and her endeavors; mainly because she has a deep political acumen.  She is one of the few politicos centered within a common sense foundation.

I was sad to read her email as she explained why she was withdrawing from the race.  We need adults in the room—adults who know how to bridge the gap with their Republican counterparts.

Moving on . . .

Over the years, I’ve supported and endorsed those who I thought would be greater assets to the party and have the strength to move our party forward and in the right direction.

This morning . . .


cite: Facebook Public Profile pic of Sherry Eason

I called Sherry Eason.  I believe in transparency and I wanted her to hear my concerns from the horse’s mouth.  I wanted her to understand, what I say behind her back is the same as what I would say to her face.


Regardless of whom the SEC elects as 1st Vice Chair—Sherry Eason is the least qualified and most erratic person in recent history to run for that position.



Qualifications  . . .

Historically, the role of 1st vice chairs is to organize the political party—both at the county and state level.

Eason is currently the 1st vice chair of Onslow County.  Although it is heavily Republican—that county party has a dismal record of Democratic turnout: the worst in the state according to the last data I read.

I have a hard time believing that if she cannot organize and create Democratic turnout in her own County—how does she think she can possibly possess the necessary skills to do it statewide.

Secondly, Eason does not have the temperament to be a statewide first vice chair.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an activist—but in a political statewide organization, such as the North Carolina Democratic Party, the candidate also has to be a politician.

Eason’s agendas fixate on individual trees.  She doesn’t look at the whole forest as a collective:  a testament to my working with her on a congressional campaign in 2014.

Recently, Sherry Eason spoke in New Hanover County.  According to people who were there, she spent a lot of time promoting Wayne Goodwin for chair; prompting one SEC member to privately apologize to Marshall Adame over her remarks.

I can understand her wanting to ride Goodwin’s coattails—but Eason has made claims referencing their “support” of her candidacy. By framing the narrative in such a way, a reasonable person (and SEC delegate) could possibly make the assumption that Goodwin has endorsed her.

She has also framed the same narrative with former United States Senate candidate, and Spring Lake Mayor, Chris Rey.

After making some phone calls—neither of these individuals has endorsed Eason for first vice chair.

If the Democratic Party in North Carolina is to move forward and win elections—it must do it with competent people who have the temperament and acumen for the job.

Electing Sherry Eason as first vice chair of the NCDP would do more harm to an already failing and disorganized political body.

Members of the SEC will make their selection tomorrow – February 11, 2017 at Rolesville High School.




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NC Gov. Roy Cooper Endorses former Ins. Commissioner Wayne Goodwin For NCDP Chair

  • Cooper endorses failed NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin over 3 other candidates;
  • The last time a sitting governor endorsed a state party chair was back during Bev Perdue’s administration;
  • Modernizers versus traditionalists at the expense of those who can least afford it.

roy-cooperAs if progressives needed another reason to leave the God forsaken North Carolina Democratic Party – last night, newly elected and embattled governor Roy Cooper endorsed a candidate running for NC state party chair: Wayne Goodwin.

Three other candidates are also running for the position including retired veteran and NC Hispanic president- Marshall Adame.

Goodwin-who lost his Insurance Commissioner race back in November announced his candidacy on Facebook a month ago.

Some North Carolina politicos consider Cooper’s endorsement as “stepping on a landmine”.

“He would have been better off to have issued a blanket statement saying that he considers all the candidates qualified and will be happy to work with all of them to help move North Carolina forward in the next two years, said one Raleigh attorney who has devoted countless hours to Democratic political campaigns.

Nevertheless, Cooper saw the need to double down with the establishment Dems of the party as well as  transactional donor elites who control the inner workings of Goodwin House-the NCDP headquarters.  Most of the party establishment support Goodwin’s candidacy for chair especially in light of the progressive takeover of the California Democratic Party.   Elite Democrats are hell bent on making sure that doesn’t happen here in the Tar Heel State.

The takeaway: Cooper would have been wise to work behind the scenes and make phone calls to the SEC members, the only voting body who can make this decision to elect the new chair.   By publicly endorsing Goodwin – he’s created a wedge between those on the left and the establishment Dems. 

And, it didn’t have to happen.  Unless . . .

Maybe the intention isn’t to bridge the gab between center and left.  Or, bridge any other gap for that matter.  Maybe the intention is to show the elites, in some public way, that the Cooper administration will operate “business an usual” as it was with the Hunt administration: modernizers kowtowing to corporate elites at the pearl of poor people in North Carolina.

Paul Luebke wrote it best in, Tar Heel Politics: Myths and Realities. 

The coming of the two-party system in North Carolina has not increased substantially the political alternatives facing Tar Heel voters.







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Rep. G. K. Butterfied – D (NC-01) Bashes DeVos Confirmation

  • Butterfield calls DeVos “the least qualified of all the Cabinet so far;”

butterfieldWASHINGTON, D.C.Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) last night released a  statement after the Senate voted 51-50, to confirm Betsy DeVos of Michigan as the United States Secretary of Education:

“Among a historically unqualified cabinet, Betsy DeVos was the least qualified nominee.  Not only does DeVos have no experience working in the public school system, neither she nor her children had ever even attended a public school.  Yet, today, Senate Republicans confirmed Ms. DeVos to head the U.S. Department of Education where she will be tasked with overseeing the country’s public education system.


“Now that she has been confirmed, Betsy DeVos has a duty to the 90 percent of children who attend our nation’s traditional public schools to support our public school system and focus on the needs of all students.”

First the first time in history, the Vice President of the United States sat as President of the Senate, to break a tie over a presidential cabinet nominee.  Devos has been criticized by Senate Democrats because they state she ‘has no public education’ experience.

DeVos was sworn in the Vice President after Pence voted and broke a 50/50 tie in the Senate.

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Check out my article in American Lens

The chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party has ruled with a Nixonian iron fist for the past two years.   She’s systematically stacked the voting members of the SEC in her favor; removed the chair of the Council of Review; manipulated the Executive Council and finally help re-elect a former chair of the 3rd congressional district in eastern North Carolina  who was previously banned for life.

Check out my latest in American Lens.

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Trans Activist Threatened Over HRC Gala Protest


janice photo

Janice Covington Allison

Janice Covington Allison, a local Charlotte transgender activist, says she has been threatened over her call to protest the Human Rights Campaign’s gala hosted in Charlotte, North Carolina tonight.


Allison called for the protest a few weeks ago amid concerns that HRC fails to support the local transgender community and she questioned the fundraising of HRC and Equality NC as it relates to  HB2, commonly referred to as the ‘bathroom bill.’

Allison heads a group called “TransCarolina.”  She sent out a call to action indicating her desire to protest the HRC gala.  Since then, Allison says she has been threatened and told not to protest the event.

Background on Allison:

Allison is a North Carolina Democrat.  She has been active in the NCDP for more than thirty years, according to her bio.  She is running for the NC Dem Party state chair positon on February 11, of this year.

Allison ran for state chair of the NCDP two years ago and made international news when candidate Patsy Keever, who eventually won the election, called her a man at a Democratic town hall event.

NC Democratic chairs are elected every two years.

Admittedly, Allison doubts she will win this year.  But, she hopes to bring awareness of trans issues to the party and to North Carolina.





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NC Progressives are searching for someone who isn’t afraid to tell the truth – introducing Rep. Rodney Moore.

Progressives, unaffiliated and independents are tired of the political bullshit.  They’re sick of thirty second sound bites and the fancy talk that leads nowhere.

Enter Rep. Rodney Moore – a Charlotte Democrat in the North Carolina House who doesn’t pull punches and gives straight up answers.  He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear – he tells it like it is.  Sometimes, it’s not pretty.  But, it’s always honest.

Check out his YouTube video here: Rodney Moore.

rodney-mooreI’ve had many conversations with Rep. Moore and I’ve always walked away impressed with his honesty.

If there is such a thing as a future for the Democratic Party in North Carolina, it will rest with leaders like him.

Moore is more concerned with doing what is right and less concerned with looking pretty on TV.


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